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Christianity - Easter
How much do you know about Easter?

Christianity - Easter

A Christian's thoughts turn to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus at Easter. Apart from the commercial aspect of Easter (chocolate eggs and Easter cards), what does Christianity teach us about Easter? Why is the Easter festival central to the Christian faith?

Test your knowledge with this Religious Education quiz on the subject.

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  1. Easter Sunday commemorates .......
    Good Friday: crucifixion. Easter Sunday: resurrection
  2. Christians celebrate the Easter festival in .......
    Easter dates vary each year within March and April. In the Southern Hemisphere, however, Easter falls in autumn
  3. Easter Sunday marks the end of .......
    Lent lasts for 40 days, marking Jesus' 40 days fasting in the wilderness. Sundays are not considered part of Lent, so if you count from Ash Wednesday, when Lent begins, you will actually count 46 days!
  4. According to Christian writing in the Bible, on Easter Day Jesus also appeared to his followers .......
    They recognised Jesus only when he broke bread with them
  5. Good Friday is the day marking .......
    The crucifixion is remembered on Good Friday
  6. According to Christian writings in the Bible, the visitors to the empty tomb were told that .......
    Two men in shining clothes said, "He is not here; He is risen"
  7. Christian writings record that on Easter morning the empty tomb was discovered by .......
    The Gospel of St Luke names Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Mary, mother of James, along with other women
  8. The week leading up to Easter is known as .......
    Holy Week includes Maundy Thursday and Good Friday
  9. Christians teach that Jesus' resurrection after three days .......
    Christians teach that Jesus raised Lazarus, Jairus' daughter and the widow of Nain's son, from the dead
  10. Mary knew that the man speaking to her at the tomb was Jesus because .......
    Mary mistook Jesus for the gardener until he spoke

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