KS3 RE Quiz
Christianity - Symbols
Christ's resurrection is sometimes symbolised by a pomegranate.

Christianity - Symbols

Fish and eggs are symbols in Christianity. Symbols help us to remember what they mean: a green light, for example, shows us that it is safe to cross a road.

Now test your Religious Education knowledge of symbols in Christianity used and recognised by believers.

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  1. Christ's suffering is symbolised by .......
    Soldiers mocked Jesus as King with this crown
  2. Hope is often symbolised by .......
    An anchor hides a cross in its design
  3. A triangle can symbolise .......
    'Tri-' = 3. 'Trinity': a clover leaf symbol is also used
  4. A symbol of Christ's death is often .......
    Christ was put to death on a cross: crucified
  5. Christ's resurrection is sometimes symbolised by .......
    The pomegranate's seeds represent new life
  6. Jesus is often symbolised by .......
    John the Baptist hailed Jesus as the 'Lamb of God'
  7. The Holy Spirit is represented by .......
    A dove appeared when John baptised Jesus
  8. New life is sometimes symbolised by .......
    Because baby chicks break out of the eggs
  9. Which symbol often means 'Followers of Christ'?
    'Icthus' (Greek) = 'fish', made up of the initial letters of 'Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour'
  10. An important number in Christianity is .......
    'Tri-' = 3. 'Trinity' = Father, Son and Holy Spirit

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