KS3 RE Quiz
Christianity - The Bible
Test your knowledge of the Bible in this quiz.

Christianity - The Bible

In the world of Christianity, the Bible is crucial and is known as the 'Word of God'.

Test your knowledge of the subject by selecting the correct answer to complete each of the following in this Religious Education quiz on the Holy Book.

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  1. The Psalms were written by .......
    There are 150 Psalms in the Old Testament. Psalms are songs
  2. The word 'Bible' means .......
    The Bible is a library of books. 'Biblia' (Greek) = books
  3. The Gospel writers are .......
    Luke (a doctor) is also considered to have written the Acts of the Apostles
  4. Some Old Testaments include extra books called .......
    'Apocrypha' means 'hidden'
  5. In the King James Bible, the Old Testament comprises .......
    Genesis-Malachi are the Old Testament books. Because Christians have never been in full agreement about which books are scriptural, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Old Testaments contain differing numbers of books
  6. The Old Testament timeline spans .......
    Malachi was written between 440-400 BC
  7. The Christian Bible is in two parts known as .......
    'Testament' means 'bond' between God and man
  8. The Gospels tell of .......
    'Gospel' means 'good news'
  9. The New Testament comprises .......
    The whole Bible usually comprises 66 books
  10. The first five books of the Old Testament are .......
    These first five books are called the Pentateuch

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