KS3 RE Quiz
Christianity - The Young Jesus
Jesus was a carpenter.

Christianity - The Young Jesus

The young Jesus learned to be a carpenter, taught by his father, Joseph. Christianity teaches about Jesus through the Bible, most of which is about his life as an adult. What do we know about Jesus' life as a young boy?

Test your knowledge by completing the following Religious Education quiz on The Young Jesus.

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  1. When Jesus was 12 years old, he .......
    Jesus' family had visited Jerusalem for the Passover
  2. Simeon told Mary .......
    Simeon knew that Jesus was the promised Messiah
  3. The young Jesus was .......
    'He was obedient to His family'
  4. Matthew and Mark write that Jesus' family trade was .......
    Simon, Andrew, James and John were fishermen
  5. Herod the Great ordered .......
    Herod was jealous because he was the king of the Jews
  6. Jesus called the temple, 'My Father's House' meaning .......
    Mary realised what Jesus meant by these words.
  7. Joseph took his family to Egypt .......
    An angel also told Joseph when Israel was safe again
  8. The Magi .......
    Matthew writes: The star stopped above Jesus' home
  9. Which two people were waiting to see Jesus in the temple?
    Anna the prophetess recognised Jesus as the Son of God
  10. When Herod died, Joseph moved his family .......
    Isaiah foretold that the Messiah would be a Nazarene

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