KS3 RE Quiz
Christianity 01
Christmas Day is a holy day in the Christian year.

Christianity 01

Christianity teaches that Jesus is the son of God. As a student of Religious Education, you will know that Christianity is the largest religious group in the UK. What else have you learned at school on the subject?

Find out by playing the following quiz...good luck!

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  1. Jesus gave his life on the Cross and this event is known as what?
    The Resurrection was when he rose from the dead on the third day
  2. Christianity is based on the teachings of .......
  3. The Bible is the sacred writings of Christian religions and it is divided into two parts. The Old Testament and the .....
  4. What is the name given to the Bishop of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church?
    The Vatican is the residence of the Pope
  5. In terms of the number of people who believe in different religions, where is Christianity ranked?
    Over 2 billion people are adherents
  6. Christians believe that heaven is the place where God dwells. Being separated from God is called...
    Christianity teaches that those who reject God's love are in 'hell' -- that is, separated from God. Many painters, especially in the Middle Ages, showed this visually (and metaphorically) as a place of fire and torment
  7. A cathedral is what?
    Most cities have a cathedral but they also have several smaller places of worship that are NOT cathedrals
  8. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the ..... of God
  9. Jesus was the ..... promised in the Old Testament.
  10. Which of these is NOT a holy day in the Christian year?
    Dharma Day is sacred to Buddhists

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