KS3 RE Quiz
Islam 01
A Muslim should make a pilgrimage at least once during his lifetime to the holy city called Mecca.

Islam 01

The Islam religion holds a belief in Allah. Your Religious Education teacher will have told you that Islam is the second most prevalent religion in the UK and the second largest religion in the world.

Test your knowledge with this first quiz on the subject.

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  1. A Muslim should make a pilgrimage at least once during his lifetime to the holy city called .....
  2. What is the Qur'an?
    Note that 'Qur'an' is spelled in several different ways including 'Koran', 'Quran' and 'Al-Coran'
  3. In which country is Mecca?
  4. A follower of Islam is known as a ......
  5. What does the word Islam mean?
  6. The way of life that Muslims should live is called .....
  7. Who was the final (and most important) prophet to Muslims?
    The other three prophets mentioned are all acknowledged by both Islam and Christianity
  8. Muslims believe there are how many Gods?
    There were many prophets but there is only one God
  9. What is the Arabic word for God?
    The word is used by Arabic-speakers of many faiths, including Christians and Jews, when refering to 'God'
  10. How many times a day do the majority of Muslims pray?
    There are different sects within Islam and not all of them have to pray 5 times a day

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