KS3 RE Quiz
Religions in the UK 01
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Religions in the UK 01

The Church of England is the official Christian church in England. While studying Religious Education, you should become familiar with religions in the UK. The following is a general quiz to see how much you have learned in your classes. If you get full marks, then you know a thing or two about religions!

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  1. The law states that every school must have a daily act of worship. Which of these is true?
    Many schools nowadays do not have a daily act of worship!
  2. Within an ethnic group do all people share the same religion?
    Within every country there is always a diversity of religions
  3. A word that is often used to mean devoted to the world we can see rather than the spiritual world is .....
  4. A person who belongs to a religious group but holds radical opinions far beyond the norm is referred to as what?
  5. There are over 20 ...... who sit in the House of Lords.
    All of the Bishops in the Church of England (Sometimes called 'The Established Church') are members of the House of Lords
  6. Which religion has the largest number of followers in the UK?
    When asked which religion they belong to almost 60% say that they are Christians
  7. What is the largest religious minority in the UK?
    There are 2.7 million Muslims in the UK
  8. Which of these is NOT associated with Christianity?
    Most religions are like Christianity in that they have several different branches with slightly different ways and beliefs
  9. Which of these is true about a 'Faith School'?
  10. The UK is said to be religiously diverse but what does this mean?

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