KS3 RE Quiz
Where to Look for God 02
The Cosmological argument is the idea that something must have caused the Universe to exist and this must be God.

Where to Look for God 02

God is a deity and there are many deities found in religions. Where to look for God? In the church? In good deeds? In your garden?

Here is the second Religious Education quiz on the subjects studied early in your KS3 course - Year 7. Have a bash to test your knowledge...and keep your eyes open!

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  1. The idea that something must have caused the Universe to exist and this must be God is called the .....
  2. Someone who does NOT believe in God might use which of the following as evidence to support his/her case?
  3. It is wrong to criticize the beliefs of others because ....
    Most religions teach tolerance for what others believe
  4. Which of these is often given as proof that God exists?
    Many people believe that something as complicated as the world and the creatures in it could not have come about by chance
  5. Where would you find the following text; 'The heavens declare the glory of God: the skies proclaim the work of his hands'?
    It is from the Book of Psalms
  6. Is there indisputable evidence that a God of some sort exists?
  7. Careful thought and analysis of religion is sometimes referred to as what?
  8. What is meant by the word "Morality"?
    A person with 'High moral standards' is one who does good in the world regardless of whether or not he or she believes in God
  9. Which of these statements about religion is not true?
    You can be religious without believing in Jesus Christ
  10. A religious experience might also be called what?

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