What's in Your Yard?
Learn the Spanish word for ant, and many other things found in your yard, in this quiz.

What's in Your Yard?

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be looking to see what’s in your yard. Do you like to play in the backyard? Being in the yard can be lots of fun. Sometimes, however, a lot of pesky insects can become very bothersome. Still, most of the time the life found in the yard can be very amusing and entertaining like watching bees buzz around from one flower to another or watching a trail of worker ants carrying little twigs, leaves and dead bodies of other insects. Then there are the colorful butterflies and huge dragonflies! How about the birds at the feeders! The amount of activity is almost endless. And that brings us to another quick quiz to see what’s going on in your yard using Spanish vocabulary words.

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This quiz has ten sentences that all can relate to what can be found in a yard. In each sentence a word has been capitalized. Your task is to locate the Spanish word that means the same thing as the capitalized word. Now, let’s begin our exploration to see what’s in your yard!

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  1. Without BEES there wouldn’t be many flowers in the garden.
    The Spanish word for bees is abejas.
  2. Can you see the BUTTERFLY peeking at you?
    The Spanish word for butterfly is mariposa.
  3. Some people keep FISH in a pond in their yard.
    The Spanish word for fish is pez. (This was learned in Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)
  4. Don’t let this sleeping CAT fool you. He’s dreaming of revenge!
    The Spanish word for cat is gato. (This was learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)
  5. ANTS have an amazing work ethic.
    The Spanish word for ants is hormigas.
  6. Man’s most loyal friend is his DOG.
    The Spanish word for dog is perro. (This was learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)
  7. SPIDERS may be scary to many but you have to give them credit for their amazing web designs! (Nothing to do with computers naturally.)
    The Spanish word for spiders is arañas.
  8. This BIRD is so grateful for the feeder you put out for him!
    The Spanish word for bird is pájaro. (This was learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)
  9. Wherever you find one MOUSE you are bound to find many more.
    The Spanish word for mouse is ratón. (This was learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)
  10. Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without a little bunny RABBIT.
    The Spanish word for rabbit is conejo.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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