Yard Days 2
Do you have a piscina in your backyard? Piscina is the Spanish word for pool.

Yard Days 2

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will continuing your review of things that you might find in your backyard. There is so much one can do in the backyard and many people even consider their backyards as their favorite vacation spot. Now that it what we call true yard days!

As the warmer spring days arrive that lead into even hotter summer days, getting out to the backyard is a refreshing change from the cold winter. As you have taken the Spanish Medium Review academic quizzes, you now know how to have fun in the backyard in two different languages. Of course, practice does make perfect so this quick picture quiz will help you to remember those Spanish words. Therefore, without any further delay, let’s start checking things out in the backyard!

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  1. The children love the little POOL we put in our backyard!
    The Spanish word for pool is piscina.
  2. Wow! Close up a DRAGONFLY has big eyes!
    The Spanish word for dragonfly is libélula.
  3. BEETLES can be very destructive to backyard plants.
    The Spanish word for beetles is escarabajos.
  4. You will need some ROPE to make a tree swing.
    The Spanish word for rope is cuerda.
  5. When the lights go on the GRASSHOPPERS seem to disappear.
    The Spanish word for grasshoppers is saltamontes.
  6. It is fun to have dinner parties with friends on the TERRACE.
    The Spanish word for terrace is terraza.
  7. INSECTS love the fragrance of a beautiful rose.
    The Spanish word for insects is insectos.
  8. Looks like a spider weaved a very intricate WEB.
    This should be an easy one as web is spelled the same in both English and in Spanish. Note that there are no accent marks.
  9. You know the saying that the early bird gets the WORM!
    The Spanish word for worm is gusano.
  10. I hope the dog doesn’t get bit by the SNAKE.
    The Spanish word for snake is serpiente. Note that the first answer means streamer.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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