Reading Comprehension 02
While Arpana was eager to see tigers, Trupti was more interested in deer.

Reading Comprehension 02

You have ever heard your teacher say these words: ‘Now children, I am giving you a test on reading comprehension’? What does that mean? If you look it up in a dictionary you will find that the meaning of COMPREHENSION is: capacity of the mind to perceive and understand; power to grasp ideas; ability to know.

When the teacher announced the test, your thoughts went to the earlier classes and you started remembering all that was taught. Even before that you understood that ‘test’ meant some kind of a process by which the teacher tries to know how much you have learnt. Again, by ‘reading comprehension’ you understood that the teacher is going to give a test which would include a written text and you would be required to answer questions on your understanding of the text. Here, the test is on what you have studied earlier to see if you have understood the lessons that the teacher taught you. However, once you are out of school and your text books then you are on your own!

Suppose your mother asks you to set up the new mobile phone she has purchased and you have to read the instruction booklet and use the information provided there to set up the phone. If your reading comprehension skills are inadequate you will not be able to follow the instructions. So, it is imperative that you understand all that you have studied and use it in situations which use language you are familiar with.

Remember that the person who writes English has studied the same grammar as you and, therefore, if you also studied and understood your lessons you should be able to easily comprehend what is written. You can see from all of this that when we hear or read words we gather meaning from, or comprehend, them. What, when, why and how are some of the words that quickly come to mind when you think of comprehension. Read the text that follows then test your levels of comprehension in the quiz which comes afterwards.

Arpana and Trupti were thrilled. The sisters' uncle, who lives in a forest lodge in the Bandipur Wild Life Sanctuary, had invited them to spend the summer holidays there. They imagined how they would spend time seeing all the wild animals. While Arpana was eager to see tigers, Trupti was more interested in deer.
What relation are Arpana and Trupti?
Two sisters.
Sister and brother.
Two friends.
Two enemies.
From the information available in the text "sisters' uncle" tells us that Arpana and Trupti are sisters
Who lived in the forest lodge?
Arpana and Trupti.
The uncle of Arpana and Trupti.
From the text it is clear that the uncle of Arpana and Trupti lived in the forest lodge
The forest lodge is located where?
The Arpana and Trupti Wild Life Sanctuary.
The Uncle Wild Life Sanctuary.
The Bandipur Wild Life Sanctuary.
The Wild Life Sanctuary belonging to deer and tigers.
Bandipur Wild Life Sanctuary is located in the state of Karnataka in India. It borders the Madhumalai Wild Life Sanctuary that is located in Tamil Nadu, a neighbouring state of Karnataka
Why were the sisters thrilled?
Because they were sisters.
Because they loved their uncle.
Because they would spend their summer holidays in the Bandipur Wild Life Sanctuary.
Because they owned the forest lodge.
While all the other options may be true, from the text we can draw the conclusion that they were thrilled because they would spend their summer holidays in the Bandipur Wild Life Sanctuary
Tigers were liked by who?
Arpana and Trupti.
From the text it is clear that Arpana was eager to see tigers. The uncle may like tigers, but the text does not say so
Trupti likes which animals?
Wild boars.
From the passage it is clear that Trupti was interested in deer. It is possible that she may like lions and wild boars, but the text does not say so. Note that deer is a word that is the same in its plural form and its singular
Did the sisters imagine something?
They imagined the lovely cars parked in the forest lodge.
They imagined good food.
They imagined all the wild animals they would see.
They imagined the clothes they were going to wear.
While it is possible for the two sisters to have imagined the things described in the other options, the text is silent on them and only talks of wild animals
Which one of the sentences is false?
The forest lodge is in Bandipur Wild Life Sanctuary.
Arpana was eager to see deer, Trupti was interested in tigers.
The sisters were spending their summer holidays with their uncle.
Arpana and Trupti imagined seeing the wild animals.
Understand the question and then answer after reading the text carefully
What does 'Sanctuary' mean?
A summer resort.
A forest lodge.
A theme park.
A sacred or holy place, any place of refuge.
In the Bandipur Wild Life Sanctuary, wild animals are allowed to live in their natural environment without human beings hunting them down. Thus, for the animals, the Bandipur Wild Life Sanctuary is a real sanctuary
Which is not a synonym of the word SANCTUARY?
Prison is where people who are convicted for having committed a crime are kept
Author:  V T Narendra

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