Reading Comprehension 05
A neatly uniformed waiter. Well, no-one wants a scruffy one do they?

Reading Comprehension 05

Reading comprehension involves understanding what is written. The text is written by the writer with a purpose for the reader to discover. The text could contain information that is factual or fictional and it may be hidden in the text. It may relate to the reader’s experience or to the writer’s experience. Here is an example:

‘When told about the show being held at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Raghav shook his head and just murmured to himself.’

This is text that is factual because you know where the show takes place. It is also text that raises some doubt in you. If you are aware of Chowdiah Memorial Hall, it will immediately bring memories of the hall to mind. Your opinion of the hall will make you think about the hall and the kind of show it hosts. Also, the reader will want to know why Raghav shook his head. Could it be because the hall is not good for a show of the kind that is to be held or is the hall too good for the person who is holding the show? The reader could also relate to the text if he has had experience of watching a show at the hall. Likewise, he could also relate to the writer and the person who holds the show.

Reading comprehension is more than just factual information. In the previous quiz we did talk about facts and how they are easy to read and understand. Now, what is a little more difficult is the other information which is not factual but more opinion or positive or negative recommendation. Say, you wanted to watch a movie. Then, you would like to know if the movie has received a good review. When you check the review you will separate facts from opinion. You will then put all your experience to the test and decide from the review whether the movie is worth seeing or not.

Reading comprehension is the ability to separate facts from non-facts and act accordingly. Test your level of reading comprehension by taking the quiz after reading the text that follows.

If you ever want quick and excellent food any time of the day, there is nothing to beat Maiya’s in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

The restaurant is housed in a multistory building with separate sections for different cuisines. If you have come for a snack in the evening, then you need to go to the first floor and if the restaurant is crowded, you give your name to the steward who registers you and provides you appropriate seating when the vacancy arises, which probably is in a few minutes. The steward takes care to see that your table is cleaned and ready for you.

The moment you are seated at your table, the smart steward hands you the detailed menu card and simultaneously, the neatly uniformed waiter places glasses of water. You have a tremendous variety of snacks to choose from and, if necessary, the waiter/steward would give you advice. Once you have ordered, without much ado your orders are executed in a very courteous manner. During the course of your snacking, the waiter/steward constantly checks on you to satisfy every requirement of yours. As soon as you are finished the waiter brings the check and your payment is collected and you are off on your way after having consumed an excellent fare.

You would find that you have had a sumptuous snack in very quick time and you definitely savour the experience and would want to visit again.
What is the article about?
About a restaurant in Bangalore.
About the locality, Jayanagar, in Bangalore.
About a hotel.
About a multistory building.
The article clearly talks about a restaurant called as Maiya's in Jayanagar, Bangalore. The information is factual
Where do you have to go if you wanted a snack in the evening?
To Bangalore.
To Jayanagar.
To the multistory building.
To the section on the first floor.
The restaurant where snacks are served in the evening is on the first floor. The information is factual
Why do you give your name to the steward?
Because the Government wants it.
So that you can be called when a seat becomes available.
Because the restaurant wants to know your identity.
Because your snacks are ready.
Here the question is answered again directly as giving your name would help you to get a seat when the vacancy arises
Why does the waiter place glasses of water even without your asking?
Because water is available easily in Bangalore.
Because the waiter assumes you are thirsty.
Because it is a custom in Indian restaurants.
Because there s no charge for serving water.
It is a practice in Indian restaurants to provide water as soon as a customer sits at a table. We draw inference from the action
Why would the waiter/steward give you advice?
Because the owner told them.
Because they think you are a moron.
Because they like to give advice.
To help the customer make up his mind on the choice of snacks.
The text says that advice is given 'if necessary.' We have to infer that the waiters and stewards are knowledgeable enough to assist the customer to make up his mind. Also, it is possible that the customer may not be able to read the menu and hence they could communicate orally
What do you understand from the term 'smart steward'?
The steward knows his job.
The steward has good general knowledge.
The steward is a degree holder.
The steward is dressed scruffily.
From the text it is fairly clear that the steward knows his job well as he handles a customer right from the time he enters the restaurant till the time he leaves. The steward may have all of the qualities described in the other options and he utilises them in his job
What do you understand from the term 'neatly uniformed waiter'?
The waiter wears a designer uniform.
The waiter has a body that fits the uniform.
The waiter is neat and clean.
The waiter is rich and he can afford a good uniform.
The customer expects hygiene in the restaurant and the fact that the waiter is neatly dressed indicates that the food would also be good. Would you like to be served by a shabby waiter?
Which statement is false?
The evening snacks are available on the first floor.
Maiya's is a hotel.
The restaurant is situated in a multistory building.
This is a restaurant offering different cuisines throughout the day.
From the evidence in the text Maiya's is a restaurant and not a hotel. Also, it may be possible that you have prior knowledge that the place is only a restaurant and not a hotel
What is the meaning of 'simultaneously'?
To be smart.
To be neatly uniformed.
To execute orders in a courteous manner.
To do different things at the same.
Actions in the text point to the steward giving a menu card and the waiter placing glasses of water at the same time
What may be the writer's message in the text?
Maiya's is a good place to eat any kind of food at any time of the day.
Multistory buildings are good for restaurants.
Jayanagar in Bangalore has the best restaurants.
Maiya's is an expensive restaurant.
From the text it is clear that the restaurant is the best in Jayanagar and is a good restaurant where you get good food, good and quick service. The experience is so good that the writer feels he will visit the restaurant again. While the other options may be true, there is no evidence in the text to support them
Author:  V T Narendra

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