Reading Comprehension 09
Mmmmmmm... Gelato!

Reading Comprehension 09

One of the more important qualities one must possess to be able to comprehend what is written is prior knowledge or experience. If you have been aware of the subject or have some knowledge of it then comprehending what is written is a piece of cake. I have a poor knowledge of dining and I find I am not able to relate to names of food items easily. So, whenever I see some information on food I find it difficult to comprehend. For instance, I do not know what gelato is. I always thought it was jelly! Later, I looked the word up in the dictionary and found out what it meant.

You may be better off than me and you may know what gelato is. However, if you are finding difficulty in understanding some words it is better to consult a dictionary and learn the new word. Once you have learnt the new word the next time you see it, of course, it is not new. It will be in your interest to try and read something new as much as possible to improve your vocabulary and reading skills. Here is one passage that may be new to you:

Imagine that your friend told you about a restaurant that he visited in Rome during his last visit. When asked to explain he said that he would write down his impressions and you could read them. Put on your thinking cap and recall all that you have read about reading comprehension in your English classes. Remember that you need to recall all the words that you have learned, all the types of sentences that you constructed, all the different parts of speech that were drilled into your head and all the exercises that you performed in the teaching sessions. Read your imaginary friend’s account of his time in the restaurant that follows and then play the quiz to see if you understood exactly what his impressions were.

I loved the movie Roman Holiday. But I loved my holiday in Rome this time even better. The reason, fantastic gelato at the La Gelateria Frigidarium! The Frigidarium is by far the best place for gelatos. I love my chocolate and that too dark and I got my cone dipped in dark chocolate and it was yummy and I eyed my partner’s vanilla gelato with red cherries. After tasting my partner’s gelato, I couldn’t resist ordering another with cherry gelato. A couple next to us appeared to be enjoying their own combo of frigidarium flavours and mint chocolate gelatos. Another couple was imploring the owners to start a branch in their city. All in all, La Gelateria Frigidarium is a yummy place and I can’t resist recommending this place for all gelato lovers.
What is gelato?
An ice cream.
A holiday.
A movie.
A refrigerator.
You should have been able to work out from the text that 'Gelato' is the Italian word for ice cream - or at least that 'ice-cream' is more likely than the other 3 options. We are talking about food after all!
What is the name of the restaurant that offers gelato?
Vanilla Gelato.
Cherry Gelato.
Roman Holiday.
The La Gelateria Frigidarium.
The first two options are varieties of ice cream and the third is an old movie
Which of the following is not associated with an ice cream variety?
Yummy place.
'Yummy place' is the description of the physical place where yummy ice creams are available. 'Yummy' is an adjective that means 'pleasing to the senses, especially that of taste'
Which of these statements from the text has no relation to ice creams?
A couple wanted a gelato shop in their city.
A couple enjoyed a mint chocolate gelato.
I love Roman Holiday .
I love my chocolate.
Roman Holiday is the name of a popular movie and not associated with ice creams
Which of the following is a false statement?
La Gelateria Frigidarium is an ice cream shop in Rome.
La Gelateria Frigidarium serves a variety of ice creams.
La Gelateria Frigidarium is a yummy place.
La Gelateria Frigidarium shows the movie Roman Holiday.
La Gelateria Frigidarium is a place that serves ice creams and not a place where movies are shown - much less the movie Roman Holiday!
Who ate vanilla gelato with red cherries?
The writer's partner.
The first couple.
The second couple.
Both the first and second couple.
The text indicates that the writer's partner ate vanilla gelato with red cherries and after he had tasted his partner's ice cream the writer also ordered one
Why do you think the writer has introduced the sentence 'I loved the movie Roman Holiday' in the text?
Movies and ice creams are comparable.
The movie and ice creams have Italian connections.
In order to show comparison between two things the writer liked.
The movie and ice creams have holiday connections.
The writer liked the movie and also likes ice creams. The writer felt that he liked the ice creams better than he liked the movie
What is the meaning of 'combo'?
A drama troupe.
Any combination.
A movie.
A restaurant.
A 'combo' is a combination of two or more things. For example, 'the combo of M S Dhoni and Virat Kohli as captain and vice-captain of the Indian cricket team augurs well for its chances in the 2015 World Cup'
What will the writer do in future?
Show the movie Roman Holiday in the restaurant.
Close down the restaurant.
Open a branch in another city.
Recommend the place to other gelato lovers.
The writer liked the restaurant and the ice creams it offers so much that he would recommend the place to other ice cream lovers
Why does the writer say he liked his ice creams better than seeing the movie Roman Holiday?
Because he liked the ice creams at the restaurant very much.
Because a couple wanted a branch opened in their city.
Because another couple enjoyed ice creams.
Because he liked the restaurant's name.
Roman Holiday was a popular movie and the writer is trying to compare the popularity of the movie with the popularity of the restaurant. The writer feels that the gelatos, or ice creams, at the restaurant were better than the film and so his Roman holiday was better than the movie
Author:  V T Narendra

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