Reading Comprehension 11
The game of cricket has been plagued by scandal recently.

Reading Comprehension 11

If you are a cricket lover you must have watched many cricket matches, either at the stadium or on TV. You must have also read all the articles on recent events that have plagued the game such as spot fixing and match fixing, which are both bad for the game. In reading these articles you were practising reading comprehension.

Put on your thinking cap and remember your reading comprehension lessons. You know that a lot of information is factual and it is fairly easy to understand. However, a lot of other information is to be taken out from the text based on your understanding of what the writer is trying to say. In short you can draw inference from the text and you can also evaluate based on your understanding of the subject and what the writer is trying to say.

Most times, the writer does not go into minute detail about what he wants to say. He leaves a lot of things unsaid. By this method he keeps the interest of the reader in suspense so that the reader is made to read and search for answers. Often, the reader is able to put himself in the shoes of the writer and think like him. When he does that he will be able to understand what the writer wants to convey.

Some subjects are such that they cannot be articulated clearly. When some difficult situations arise, such as spot fixing or match fixing, it becomes difficult for the writer to be forthright. So, he leaves a lot of information out and allows the reader to make his own inference. One such passage is the text that follows, which is about spot fixing and match fixing in the game of cricket. Read the text then answer the questions in the quiz which will test whether or not you have understood what the text tried to say.

Why top cricketers have been distancing themselves from spot fixing and why their joint press conference will be as hollow as that from the administrators of cricket.

A reporter has made a case that the top cricketers should come out with a press conference and “... there they speak; they speak openly; they speak without fear; they speak the truth; they speak about spot-fixing… about the game… about why the entire system isn’t rotten”.

Let me try to look at a scenario where such an event happens and how the cricket lovers will view it.

* Can they speak openly – of course not! The moment they do so, they are out of the system. The BCCI puts a gag on players and there are strict rules governing the conduct of players in regard to their interaction with the media. So whatever they say will only be couched in platitudes. It will be like a congressman speaking openly about their president and vice-president.

* Can they speak without fear – of course yes! If the sports persons have the strength of character and care for the game of cricket and set aside their selfish interests. But the fear of others controlling the game of cricket and that their lives and the lives of their families will be under threat will ensure that they will speak with fear in each and every word they utter.
What is the theme of the article?
About spot fixing in cricket matches and the reluctance of top cricketers to speak up.
A press conference about a cricket match.
A press conference held by BCCI.
A press conference by cricketers.
Indian cricket is caught up in match fixing and spot fixing issues and the writer feels that the top cricketers should hold a press conference where they reassure the cricket watching public about the good aspects of the game
What case has the reporter made out?
He wants congressmen to address a press conference.
He wants top cricketers to distance themselves from the game of cricket.
He wants BCCI to address a press conference to allay the fears of the public that the game is rotten.
He wants cricketers to address a press conference to allay the fears of the public that the game is rotten.
The writer feels that the top cricketers are reluctant to speak out about the issue as he would like them to
What scenario is the article talking about?
A scenario where cricketers will argue with BCCI.
A scenario where cricketers address a press conference to allay cricket lovers' fear about spot fixing in cricket.
A scenario where cricketers will speak on the president and vice president.
A scenario where BCCI addresses a press conference to allay cricket lovers' fear about spot fixing in cricket.
The writer feels that the cricket loving public would be convinced about the future of cricket if the top cricketers were to speak out
In the article the word 'platitude' is used. What does it mean?
A flattering remark.
A glowing remark.
An insipid, commonplace remark.
A stinging remark.
The criticism of the critic is that even if the top cricketers hold a press conference they would only make some general remarks which are superficial. Platitude means to talk without substance
What does the article try to convey?
Congressmen will speak openly against their president and vice-president.
The BCCI is a democratic body.
That the players are brave men.
Even if the players address a press conference, it would be futile as the players will not speak openly and if they speak they would speak with fear.
The article says that the top cricketers are afraid to speak out for fear of their lives and their families' lives
Why are the cricketers afraid to speak?
Because cricketers don't know English.
Because cricketers are deaf and dumb.
Because cricketers are haughty.
Because others control the game and their families' and their lives will be in danger if they speak the truth.
The writer believes that top cricketers are pawns in the hands of those who control the game and they threaten the cricketers if they speak out
The article says there are certain conditions under which the cricketers can speak. What are the conditions?
If the congressman allowed them to speak.
If the BCCI pays the players to speak.
If the players show strength of character and put aside their selfish interests.
If the reporter withdraws his report.
The critic feels if top cricketers show strength of character they would ignore the threats and speak out
What are the fears of the cricketers?
Fear for their families' and their lives.
Fear of being out of the system if they speak openly.
Fear of being punished by BCCI if they speak to the media without permission.
All the above.
Top cricketers depend on cricket for their livelihood and also want safety for themselves and their families. If they speak out, they run the risk of threats being carried out and losing their means of livelihood
Why is the reporter suggesting a joint press conference by the cricketers?
He wants the cricketers to explain to the public that the entire system isn't rotten.
He likes the cricketers.
He likes the BCCI.
He is afraid of the cricketers.
It is the reporter's belief that the Indian cricket loving public would be convinced if top cricketers allay their fears
The article talks about 'their joint press conference will be as hollow as from the administrators of cricket.' What does this mean?
The cricketers' brains are hollow.
The administrators' brains are hollow.
The president and vice president are hollow.
The critic feels that the cricketers lack the strength of character.
The critic feels that the cricketers lack the strength of character and are under constant fear from those who control cricket and hence will not speak openly and freely and even if they did speak their words would be as hollow as those of the controllers
Author:  V T Narendra

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