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Verbs 03 - Simple Past Forms of Verbs
Drinked, Drank, Drunk or Drinkt?

Verbs 03 - Simple Past Forms of Verbs

In the previous quizzes on verbs we have seen that verbs are of different types and follow classifications. Among the different types and classifications of verbs, REGULAR and IRREGULAR verbs play an important role in sentence formation. We have also seen how verbs change when the singular or plural form is used or the tense changes. This quiz looks at the simple past forms of verbs.

Most verbs have two past forms, namely SIMPLE PAST and PAST PARTICIPLE. For instance, the verb JUMP can be changed to its simple past form by adding ED. Thus the simple past form of JUMP is JUMPED. If a verb ends in E, then only D is added (LIVE becomes LIVED for example) and verbs which end in Y can be changed by adding IED (CRY becomes CRIED after removing the last letter Y and adding IED).

Verbs whose past form is changed by adding D, ED or IED are called Regular Verbs. However, there are exceptions to any rule or convention and English is no different! Not all words ending in Y will have similar past forms. In the case of the verb ANNOY the past form is ANNOYED. Since we have regular verbs it is natural to have irregular verbs. Thus, you will find that not all verbs follow the rules followed by regular verbs and such verbs are known as irregular verbs.

Irregular verbs also fall into several categories such as the ones that change form uniquely and the ones that do not change at all. Some verbs, such as CUT, do not change when used in the past form, and others, like the verb FLY (which has FLEW as its past form) have different forms altogether. Another example of irregular verb is HANG whose past form is HUNG. In the quiz that follows see how many of these verbs you can find.

Find the correct simple past forms of - Walk, Accept, Compare and Borrow.
Walked, Accepted, Compared, Borrowed
Walkd, Accepted, Compared, Borrowed
Walked, Accepted, Compareed, Borrowed
Walked, Accepted, Compared, Borroweed
The correct forms all follow the 'adding D, ED or IED' rule in this case
Find the correct simple past forms of - Feel, Swim, Send and Think.
Felt, Swam, Sented, Thought
Felt, Swam, Sent, Thought
Felt, Swimmed, Sent, Thought
Feeled, Swam, Sent, Thought
All of these are Irregular Verbs
Find the correct simple past forms of - Beg, Chop, Ship and Drag.
Beg, Chop, Shipied, Drag
Beg, Chopd, Ship, Drag
Beged, Chop, Ship, Drag
Begged, Chopped, Shipped, Dragged
Note that all the four verbs do not follow the D/ED/IED rule, but add an additional last letter before adding ED
Find the correct simple past forms of - Cut, Examine, Employ and Hit.
Cuted, Examined, Employed, Hit
Cut, Examined, Employed, Hited
Cut, Examined, Employd, Hit
Cut, Examined, Employed, Hit
While 'Examine' and 'Employ' follow the adding 'D/ED' rule, 'Cut' and 'Hit' do not. They are verbs which don't change their forms. Other verbs in the same category are PUT, BET and LET
Find the correct simple past forms of - Freeze, Make, Identify and Interfere.
Froze, Made, Identified, Interfered
Freezed, Made, Identified, Interfered
Froze, Made, Identifyed, Interfered
Froze, Maked, Identified, Interfered
'Freeze' and 'Make' have unique simple past form and they are known as IRREGULAR VERBS. Note that IDENTIFY is similar to CRY and not DESTROY
Find the correct simple past forms of - Buy, Dig, Drink and Go.
Buyed, Dig, Drink, Go
Buy, Digged, Drink, Go
Buy, Dig, Drink, God
Bought, Dug, Drank, Went
These verbs do not follow any rule. They are all Irregular Verbs
Find the correct simple past forms of - Beat, Bid, Hurt and Broadcast.
Beated, Bid, Hurt, Broadcast
Beat, Bidd, Hurt, Broadcast
Beat, Bid, Hurt, Broadcast
Beat, Bid, Hurtied, Broadcast
These particular verbs do not change even in the simple past form
Find the correct simple past forms of - Care, Bolt, Cycle and Cheer.
Careed, Bolted, Cycled, Cheered
Cared, Boltd, Cycled, Cheered
Cared, Bolted, Cycled, Cheered
Cared, Bolted, Cycleed, Cheered
The correct forms all follow the 'adding D, ED or IED' rule in this case
Find the correct simple past forms of - Cry, Damage, Destroy and Dirty.
Cryed, Damaged, Destroyed, Dirtied
Cried, Damaged, Destroyed, Dirtied
Cried, Damaged, Destroied, Dirtied
Cried, Damaged, Destroyed, Dirtyied
Some verbs which end in Y such as CRY and DIRTY change to the past form by removing the Y and adding IED. Other examples are TRY-TRIED and FRY-FRIED. Note that DESTROY still follows the adding ED rule
Find the correct simple past forms of - Fly, Contain, Fill and Hate.
Flyed, Contained, Filled, Hated
Flew, Contained, Filled, Hated
Flied, Contained, Filled, Hated
Flyd, Contained, Filled, Hated
Except for 'Fly', the other verbs follow the 'adding D/ED/IED rule'. 'Fly' does not follow the rule followed by other verbs which end in 'Y', such as CRY. The past form of 'Fly' is FLEW and this verb is called an IRREGULAR VERB. Other examples of irregular verbs are HAVE-HAD, LAY-LAID and GROW-GREW
Author:  V T Narendra

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