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Reading Comprehension 07 - Factual 2
In order to understand the news on TV you need a comprehension of the English language.

Reading Comprehension 07 - Factual 2

This Upper Primary English quiz looks at reading and understanding factual reports.

Language is as old as anyone can remember. Probably it started off as sign language and then evolved into sounds and scripts and today you can read, write and speak a whole language! Language is a creature of habit and the more you get exposed to a language, the more you become familiar with it.

Language is used for communication and when two persons communicate there have to be some common ground rules that the two persons should follow to ensure that they both understand one another. These ground rules include the different parts of speech, grammar, spellings, figures of speech, vocabulary and pronunciation. In order to understand what is being written or said you need to be adept at reading comprehension.

Reading comprehension manifests itself into several categories based on what is being said and when. For instance, when you are reading news reports you need to be adept at understanding factual information. When you are confronted with statistics you need to be adept at data interpretation. More often than not you need to understand the purpose of the author in writing whatever he writes. Several occasions demand reading between the lines and at other times you need to understand something properly because you have to convey its meaning to others.

The English language has many nuances that have evolved over time, such as figures of speech, collocations, binomial expressions and the like. it is good advice to learn them. In your daily life you come across news stories that in a newspaper, articles in a magazine or reports on TV. In order to understand what is being said or written you need to acquire capabilities in reading comprehension.

Read the factual report that is written and answer the questions that follow to see if you have an understanding of what is being said.
A poor article! The writer is comparing BJP with AAP and Anna Hazare. Anna Hazare’s movement was a one issue movement and it died down when the Jan Lokpal Bill was passed. AAP’s fortunes depend on the success of the party’s ideology. It started out on the corruption theme and had to change course midway as just one theme could not sustain the party.

The party failed to walk the talk when it came to taking action on Sheila Dikshit, a former chief minister of the Congress party, which it had promised in its manifesto. However, for keeping up the charade the party filed FIRs against Moily and Ambani.

The party also made wild and unsubstantiated allegations against some politicians. Nitin Gadkari filed a defamation case against Kejriwal and he is now in jail on a matter of principle ostensibly.

BJP is a cadre based party with a long history and the backing of RSS. BJP has also governed the country for six years under Vajpayee. The party has successfully governed various states and boasts a galaxy of leaders with proven ability and success. The party’s CMs have consistently won successive elections.

The party has given an opportunity to Modi, who comes from a humble background and he grabbed the opportunity to become the PM of India. Judging by the way the party and its top leaders have behaved in the post result period one feels the party is very serious and will leave no stone unturned to make a success of its government and carry all sections of society. Modi’s strength is in his capacity for hard work and his ability to get things implemented. There is no reason to doubt his capability, ability, intent, hard work and effort.
Which parties is Mr Apurva Agnihotri comparing?
The BJP party with AAP.
The AAP with Anna Hazare.
The BJP with Lokpal.
The BJP with the RSS.
He is comparing the BJP party with the AAP
The AAP failed to take action on someone. Who was it?
Nitin Gadkari
Arvind Kejriwal
Sheila Dikshit
The AAP had promised in its manifesto that it would take action against Sheila Dikshit and it failed to do so
Why did the AAP change course midway?
Because Modi's strength was his capacity for hard work.
Because one issue was not enough and it needed other issues.
Because the BJP is serious and will work hard to make its government a success.
Because Modi came from a humble background.
The AAP started out with corruption as an issue and it realised midway that it could not sustain the party with just one issue
The BJP has the backing of which organisation?
The BJP is a cadre based party with the backing of the RSS
How many issues did the Anna Hazare Movement have?
Four issues.
Three issues.
Two issues.
One issue.
The Anna Hazare Movement had just one issue
When did Anna Hazare's movement die down?
When the Jan Lokpal Bill was passed.
When no action was taken against Sheila Dikshit.
When Nitin Gadkari filed a defamation case against Arvind Kejriwal.
When the party failed to walk the talk.
Anna Hazare's movement died down when the Jan Lokpal Bill was passed
BJP had governed the country under Vajpayee for how many years?
BJP did not govern the country.
Ten years.
Six years.
Five years.
The BJP governed the country for six years under Vajpayee
Which of the following leaders come from a humble background?
Modi comes from a humble background and the BJP gave him the opportunity to become the PM of India
Which party has a galaxy of leaders with proven ability and success?
No party has galaxy of leaders.
The BJP party has a galaxy of leaders with proven ability and success
Who says 'A poor article'?
The writer
Sheila Dikshit
Nitin Gadkari
The writer starts out the article with the words - 'a poor article'
Author:  V T Narendra

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