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Reading Comprehension 08 - Factual 3
See if you can do as well in this quiz as India did in the 1983 Cricket World Cup!

Reading Comprehension 08 - Factual 3

Upper Primary School is not the only place learning is important! It is possible that you have visited different states in India and you find yourself stumped because you don’t understand the language. For instance, you could be from Kolkata and you know Bengali and English. If you visited your cousin in Chennai you might find them speaking Tamil. You wouldn't understand a word of what they said, much less what they wrote! Factual reports or fictional stories would mean nothing to you. This is where the importance of reading comprehension is highlighted.

You must know the language to understand what the speaker is saying. But even if you know the language, still you may not fully understand what is being said. Thus, reading comprehension is very important in communication. It is absolutely vital that you comprehend what is being spoken or written.

In your daily life you come across various stimuli such as factual reports in newspapers, articles in magazines or emails in your inbox. You may also be looking for jobs in advertisements or searching advertisements for something you want to buy or find information about. You may have to follow certain laws enacted by the government. You may have watched a cricket match and want to read about it in the next day’s newspaper. You might want to read your favourite Tinkle comic or read the latest Harry Potter book. For all these activities you need to be a good reader and able to comprehend what is written.

The ability to comprehend can be honed based on what is written. For instance, news reports are generally factual and relate to events that have taken place. Articles are sometimes opinions expressed by the author. Again, we may see some debates between two people who write for and against a particular topic that is important to people. In all these cases you need to understand what is being written. Especially, when it comes to factual information. You must learn to understand the facts correctly. In order to help you assess your capabilities in reading comprehension we have devised the following quiz based on the passage that appears below.
In today’s media led coverage of any event, there is a plethora of articles and discussions on any event including ostensibly minor events. Shahrukh Khan’s child being admitted to and released from Lilavati hospital for a minor flu is a case in point. So the mega event of 2011 — the cricket world Cup would warrant ball-to-ball or wall-to-wall coverage on both the electronic and print media.

Back in 1983 the World Cup was sponsored by Prudential Assurance Company of the UK and by today’s standards it was a dull and drab affair for Indians in India. We did have Doordarshan as the channel that brought the World Cup matches to India along with the venerable All India Radio and of course the print media.

The Indian team captained by Kapil Dev was not given a ghost of a chance to do well in the tournament. As events unfolded in 1983, India was set to be eliminated when it was reduced to 17 for 5 and then, Kapil played the innings of his lifetime with a scintillating 175 not out against Zimbabwe that set the tone for a resurgent India. The rest is history with victories against Australia in the second league match, England in the semi-final and the West Indies in the final. The final was a low scoring match with India scoring 183 and the West Indies being bowled out for 140. The highest individual score was by Srikkanth with 38 runs.
Who won the Cricket World Cup in 1983?
West Indies
India won the Cricket World Cup Tournament in 1983
Where was Shahrukh Khan’s child treated?
At a hospital in England.
At a hospital in Australia.
At a hospital in Zimbabwe.
At Lilavati hospital.
Shahrukh Khan’s child was admitted to and released from Lilavati hospital for treatment of minor flu
Who sponsored the 1983 World Cup Tournament?
All India Radio.
Prudential Assurance Company of UK.
Lilavati hospital.
The 1983 World Cup Tournament was sponsored by Prudential Assurance Company of the UK
What figure of speech is contained in the following sentence?
'The Indian team captained by Kapil Dev was not given a ghost of a chance to do well in the tournament'
The phrase 'ghost of a chance' is a metaphor and it is the figure of speech. Metaphorically, we can say that something has a ghost of a chance when it has a very slim chance of being true. In 1983, India was not expected to win the tournament
'We did have Doordarshan as the channel that brought the World Cup matches to India along with the VENERABLE All India Radio and of course the print media'
What is the meaning of the word 'venerable'?
Chaotic and undignified.
Commanding no respect.
Untrustworthy and outdated.
Commanding respect.
Venerable is an adjective which means commanding respect because of certain qualities present, such as legacies, dignity, credibility and reverence. All India Radio is an Indian Government controlled radio service which was broadcasting live commentary of the tournament in 1983
How many runs did Kapil Dev score against Zimbabwe?
17 for 5
He scored 175 not out. In cricket, a batsman's score is followed by not out, if the batsman is not dismissed when the innings ends or is declared
Whom did India beat in the semi-final?
West Indies
India beat England in the semifinal
India beat Australia in which stage of the tournament?
In the semifinal.
In the second league match.
In the final.
India did not play against Australia.
India beat Australia in the second league match
What was the winning margin in the final?
175 runs
140 runs
183 runs
43 runs
India won the final with a victory margin of 43 runs as they scored 183 whilst the West Indies scored only 140 runs
The final can be described as what?
A low scoring match.
A high scoring match.
A dull affair.
A drab affair.
The final was a low scoring match as evidenced by scores of 183 and 140. Even though it was a low scoring match it was not a dull or drab affair!
Author:  V T Narendra

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