Spelling 09 - Fun with Q
You might find exotic fish in an AQUARIUM,

Spelling 09 - Fun with Q

We thought we'd end the spelling section of our Upper Primary English quizzes with a couple of easy ones just for fun! In this quiz, and the one that follows, you have to find the words which contain the letter Q.

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet, out of which 21 are consonants and 5 are vowels. We know that all words must contain at least one vowel. However, as always in English, there are exceptions! Words such as RHYTHM, FRY or SPY do not have a vowel in them but for all practical purposes Y (in these cases) is treated as a vowel. It takes on the role of a vowel not only in spelling but also in pronunciation as it adopts the sounds of other vowels depending upon the word within which it is found.

There are a few consonants which are not used as often as some of the more common letters. The letters J, Z, X and Q are consonants that are seldom used. Of these the letter Q holds a special place.

The letter Q is fairly unique, not only because it is one of the rarest letters in the English language - J, Z and X are just as rare. What is special about the letter Q is that is hardly ever used on its own.

We hardly see any words with a standalone Q. Some proper nouns do have a standalone Q (some names that come readily to mind are Iraq, Compaq and Qantas) but if you add the letter U to Q you start to see a lot more words.

We have already used one of the words formed by Q and U in this introduction. UNIQUE is the word that was used earlier. The meaning of the word 'unique' exemplifies perfectly what the letter Q is all about. It is a rare consonant which is almost always used along with the letter U.

Remember that U is a vowel and it lends a lot of weight to Q, The QU combination is always QU and not UQ. The English vocabulary is embellished with a fabulous array of words which use QU in their spelling, and you will learn some of them when you play the quiz that follows.
"A person falling ill __________ could be a sign of a deeper ailment." - Fill the blank with the appropriate word
If something happens frequently then it happens very often. Obviously you would see a doctor to find out why you were falling sick at regular intervals
"A ______ is a shape that has four equal sides and four equal angles." - Fill the blank with the appropriate word.
A rectangle does not have four equal sides, a rhombus does not have four equal angles and a triangle has only three sides
"The child's __________ nature has to be nurtured." - Fill the blank with the appropriate word.
To be inquisitive is to be curious and a child's curiosity has to always be nurtured. The words in the other options are not what you want your child to be!
"The violent shaking of the earth is called an __________ and it is usually measured on the Richter Scale." - Fill the blank with the appropriate word.
An earthquake is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to violent movement below the earth's surface. Earthquakes are usually measured on a scale called the Richter Scale. Earthquakes have devastating effects on human beings when they occur in thickly populated areas
"The ________ of Australia, in Australia, is the Indian cricket team's goal." - Fill the blank with the appropriate word.
A conquest is the act or an instance of victory, usually in relation to war. If the Indian cricket team can beat Australia whilst in Australia, it would mean a conquest on the field of sport
"Prime Minister Modi was presented with a ________ of roses." - Fill the blank with the appropriate word.
A bouquet is a collection or a bunch of flowers, usually a large carefully arranged one. 'Bouquet' is one of the rare words that has the U letter before the Q letter, but also after
"The _______ is an imaginary line on the earth's surface that divides the earth into a Northern Hemisphere and a Southern Hemisphere." - Fill the blank with the appropriate word.
Tropic of Cancer
Tropic of Capricorn
The equator is an imaginary line of latitude going around the earth at 0°, dividing the earth into the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. The Tropic of Capricorn is an imaginary line of latitude going around the earth at approximately 23.5° south of the equator and the Tropic of Cancer is an imaginary line of latitude going around the earth at approximately 23.5° north of the equator
"The ________ contained a large number of exotic fish." - Fill the blank with the appropriate word.
swimming pool
wading pool
An aquarium is a glass-sided tank filled with water in which fish are kept. It is possible to have a small aquarium at home and also larger public aquariums where people can visit
"The economy suffered as a result of the ___________ of a number of large and small banks." - Fill the blank with the appropriate word.
good performance
A liquidation is associated with the terminating of the affairs of a business firm by realising its assets (selling whatever it owns) to discharge its liabilities (pay off its debts). When banks are closed down the economy suffers
"He ________ eight stitches to cure him of his injury." - Fill the blank with the appropriate word.
If something is required then something is needed. In the sentence stitches were needed to close a wound
Author:  V T Narendra

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