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Writing 01 - Conduct Research
Research is all about getting information.

Writing 01 - Conduct Research

The process of learning in a human being begins while the baby is still in the womb through inputs from the mother. Once the child comes into the world it starts assimilating everything that surrounds it. The mother and other family members are important elements in providing the necessary inputs for the child’s growth.

Once he starts going to school the young person begins to learn languages apart from his own mother tongue; foreign letters, words, grammar and speech. The school process helps the child to develop and learn. He begins to ask questions. Sometimes these questions are answered in text books or by teachers, parents or friends. Sometimes the questions don’t get answered and the child begins to wonder how he can find the answers to his questions. This is where the concept of research enters into the child’s world.

In class, the teacher may ask the children to do their own research and get as much information as they can on a subject. Research is a structured process and involves a host of activities, such as identifying a subject, gathering information on the subject, identifying sources of information, collating the information and generating a report that disseminates information in a structured manner that others can understand.

The basic purpose of research is to generate new knowledge and validate existing knowledge. Research can be classified into quantitative research and qualitative research or applied research and basic research.

In quantitative research investigation is made on data that is observed and is usually backed up by mathematical analysis. In qualitative research behaviour is observed and information presented without mathematical analysis. Basic research deals with fundamentals whereas applied research deals with practical applications. The quiz that follows exposes you to the nuances of research.
The basic purpose of research is what?
To generate new knowledge.
To validate existing knowledge.
To add to existing knowledge.
All the above.
The basic purpose of research is to generate new knowledge, validate existing knowledge and add to existing knowledge. For instance, a child can conduct research to learn about new natural disasters or add to its existing knowledge of natural disasters
Basic research focuses on what?
The fundamentals of any subject in a general manner.
A particular application.
A particular problem.
A particular problem or application.
Basic research focuses on the basics of any phenomena and tries to find out without any particular problem or application in mind. For instance, research into the way the universe began is an example of basic research
Applied research focuses on what?
A particular application.
A particular problem.
Using existing knowledge in other fields.
All the above.
Applied research focuses on practical applications and practical problems. For instance, research into treatment of a disease is an example of applied research
Qualitative research focuses on what?
How people feel.
What people think.
Why people think or feel in a particular way.
All the above.
Qualitative research tries to find out why a person behaves the way he does. For instance, trying to find out why a person drinks Pepsi would fall under qualitative research
Quantitative research focuses on what?
The behaviour of a number of people.
The reasons for people's behaviour.
People's feelings.
People's emotions.
Quantitative research deals with numbers and mathematical analysis. For instance, in the Pepsi example, trying to find out how many people drink Pepsi would come under quantitative research
Choose the option relating to primary sources of information.
Statistical data, manuscripts, surveys.
Any original work or report of discoveries is a primary source. For instance, birth and death records are primary sources. Even biographies and autobiographies are primary sources
Choose the option relating to secondary sources of information.
Computer programs.
Government documents.
Secondary sources of information, such as encyclopaedias, journals or handbooks, provide information which is easily and readily available
Anupama wants to find out the average age and schooling level of her class. What type of research would she need to conduct?
Historical research.
Qualitative research.
Quantitative research.
Scientific research.
Since she wants to find out the average age she needs to get the age of all the students which involves quantitative study
The marketing manager was not sure why his products were not getting sold. What research would you recommend for him?
Quantitative research.
Qualitative research.
Historical research.
Geographical research.
Since the manager wants to find out why a customer is not buying the product, qualitative research is the type of research he has to conduct
Ebola is a disease of humans and other primates caused by Ebola viruses. What kind of research is to be conducted to find a treatment for the disease?
Applied research.
Basic research.
Historical research.
Geographical research.
Since we are looking for a treatment the research would be applied research
Author:  V T Narendra

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