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Which Direction? - Position Direction and Motion
There are many words we use to describe direction, like up, down, left and right.

Which Direction? - Position Direction and Motion

This Math quiz is called 'Which Direction? - Position Direction and Motion' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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Knowing and using the language of position, direction and movement is an important milestone in elementary school. A good understanding of words in the language, such as left and right, top, middle and bottom, on top of, in front of, above, between, around, near, close and far, up and down, forwards and backwards, inside and outside, will help children do well with geometry work on position, direction and movement.

Can you use the right position and direction words?

Click on the pictures for a closer look.

Where is the yellow plant pot?
Underneath the others
In front of the others
On top of the others
In the middle of the others
There are two on either side, so it's in the middle
Where are the trees in this picture?
Under the hill
Far away
Beside a building
Very close
The trees are on top of the hill, far away
Cars have to drive ______ a roundabout.
Cars go around a roundabout in a clockwise direction
This family is standing _______ their house.
On top of
In front of
They are in front of their house
Which statement is true?
The dog is far away
The dog is underneath the house
The dog is on top of the house
The dog is outside and might come inside
The dog is outside but might use the dog flap to come inside
Where is the man standing?
Underneath the mountain
On top of the mountain
Beside the mountain
In front of the mountain
He is right at the very top of the mountain!
How could we describe the position of the 'Yuck' sign?
It is in the middle
It is on the bottom
It is on the top
It is far away
There are three signs: 'Best' on top, 'Not Bad' in the middle and 'Yuck' on the bottom
This arrow is pointing....
To the left
Straight up
Straight down
To the right
The arrow is pointing to the right
How would you set the timer for 15 minutes?
Turn it all of the way round
Turn it half of the way round clockwise
Turn it a quarter of the way round clockwise
Turn it quarter of the way round counterclockwise
A quarter turn clockwise would make the timer point to 15 minutes
What should you do to set the timer for 30 minutes?
Turn it a quarter of the way round clockwise
Turn it clockwise halfway round
Turn it all the way round counterclockwise
Turn it quarter of the way round counterclockwise
This would need half a turn clockwise, which is the direction clock hands move
Author:  Angela Smith

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