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Using Materials
Pressing paint-covered things, like hands, onto paper is known as printing.

Using Materials

This Arts and Crafts quiz is called 'Using Materials' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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Children will learn and then practice a variety of different processes and techniques to manipulate materials and media as they progress through elementary school. They may be able to experiment with combining different media to see what happens or may apply techniques and processes they have already learned in order to achieve a particular effect.

Materials usually fall into one of two categories. What are they?
Natural and man-made
Hot and cold
Tall and short
Soft and hard
Lots of artists use natural materials in their art
What materials might you use to make a sketch?
Clay and water
Pipe cleaners and staples
Tissue paper and glue
Pencils and paper
A quick sketch can be a good way of deciding how a finished piece might look
To create a wax resist, what two materials might you use?
Glue and sandpaper
Wax crayons and watercolors
Clay and art straws
Sequins and glitter
The watery paint washes over the crayons and gives an interesting effect
Which of the following materials is the easiest to smudge?
Hard pencils
Wax crayons
Marker pens
Smudging charcoal can give a softening effect for details like shadows
If you wanted to make a 3 dimensional container, what material might you use?
Oil pastels
A pencil and paper
3 dimensional means a solid object that you can hold
What materials might you use to make a rubbing?
Paint and a paint brush
The side of a crayon and some paper
Oil and water
A rubber and some white glue
Rubbings are very easy to do and look really effective
Sticking lots of different pieces of card, paper, tissue or material to create a picture or design is called what?
Even natural materials like twigs and leaves can be used in a collage
If you wanted to add detail to a painting by adding felt tip pen lines, what might you do first?
Ask a teacher
Let the paint dry
Turn the paper over
Press down very hard
Adding details to a painting is a good idea, but better to be done when the paint is dry
Pressing paint-covered items onto paper or fabric is known as what?
You can use all sorts of different things to print with!
When an artist uses two or more materials in one piece, it is called what?
Multiple art
A mess
Mixed media
A lot to tidy up
Mixing different media together can give interesting effects
Author:  Angela Smith

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