My Information
Your birthday is the anniversary of your date of birth - be careful who you share it with.

My Information

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Computers can store vast amounts of information. Another word for all that information is data. We all have to be careful about the data stored on computers, protecting it from people we do not trust. At school, the school office has important personal information about you - your name, your address, your date of birth, who to contact at home, and your telephone numbers. Teachers keep records - how many gold stars you have won, and just how well you are doing in math or history. Here’s a little quiz all about protecting your personal information.

One day Sam was poorly at school. The school secretary looked up Sam’s details on the computer. It said to phone Sam’s Mum. What did the school need to know to do this?
Her phone number.
Her height.
Her favorite music.
Her shoe size.
It’s important that the school knows who to phone if you are not well
What information does this quiz tell you when you have finished it?
How many questions you got right.
What you should watch on television.
Where to go on holiday.
What the weather will be like tomorrow.
How many questions have you got right?
The school office at Sam’s school uses computers. They have a list of where every pupil lives. What is in this list?
Favorite colors.
Favorite computer games.
Do you know your address?
The school needs to know how old Sam is. Sam’s Mom has told them Sam’s:
Favorite television program.
Date of birth.
Favorite food.
Birthday present.
What is your date of birth? Don’t tell everyone
Sam’s teacher keeps a list of just how well everyone is doing in the class.

One day Sam got three stars for a very good piece of work. What did the teacher put on the computer?
What do you get when you do well at your schoolwork?
Sam’s school has the registers on a computer. The computer can tell the teacher how many times Sam has not been at school.

Last term there were 50 days. Sam was at school on 46 days. How many days did Sam miss?
Sam tries very hard not to miss school
The computer in the school office has the dates of birth of all the children. The computer can work out how old each child is. How old you are is called your ___.
How old are you?
The teacher at Sam’s school has the register on a computer. The register has the _____ of all the children in Sam’s class.
Favorite candies
Favorite toys
That’s the most important information about you - your name
The school is very careful with the information it has. This is because the information is very _________.
All your information is very important
Which of these is a word for all the information kept on computers?
Even a tiny USB stick can hold lots of information
Author:  David Bland

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