Writing Code - 2
Walking is easy for us but can you make a character on a computer screen walk?

Writing Code - 2

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Tom has a character on his computer screen. The character is called Henry. Tom wants to animate Henry and make him walk around the screen. What code is Tom writing to make Henry walk? Remember, all the steps in a program have to be in the correct order.

Henry is stood up on two legs. Tom wants Henry to start walking with his left leg.

What code does Tom use?
Left Forward 1
Left Back 1
Right Forward 1
Right Back 1
Henry has put his left leg forward
The right leg now needs to move twice as far. Then it will be in front of the left leg.

What does Tom code?
Right Forward 1
Right Forward 2
Left Forward 1
Left Forward 2
Henry is now walking
Next, Henry needs to swing his left leg forwards. It must go in front of the right leg.

What does Tom code?
Left Forward 2
Left Back 2
Right Forward 2
Right Back 2
Henry is walking really well!
Now, Henry’s right leg needs to go in front of his left leg. Tom codes:
Right Forward 2
Left Forward 2
There is a pattern - left, right, left, right
Tom wants Henry to keep walking forwards. Which one of these keeps Henry walking?
Left Forward 2 Right Back 2
Left Back 2 Right Back 2
Right Back 2 Left Back 2
Left Forward 2 Right Forward 2
Tom is pleased: Henry is walking
Tom can keep writing: Left Forward 2 Right Forward 2 again and again.

But there is a lot to write down. So, Tom gives these codes a name. He calls them Walk.

Now when Tom just writes Walk, what does Henry do?
Takes two steps forwards
Takes two steps backwards
Turns round
Now Tom can just type Walk and Henry takes two steps forwards
Tom wants Henry to move two steps forward and then stop. What should he code?
Walk Walk
Walk Run
Stop Walk
Walk Stop
Henry stands on the spot
Tom wants Henry to walk forward two steps, turn right, walk forward two more steps, then stop. What does Tom code?
Walk Walk Right Stop
Walk Right Stop Walk
Right Walk Walk Stop
Walk Right Walk Stop
Henry has gone round a corner
Tom now wants Henry to go forward two steps, turn left, walk forward two steps, then turn left again, and then stop.

What code does Tom use?
Walk Left Walk Right Stop
Walk Left Walk Left Stop
Left Walk Walk Left Stop
Walk Right Walk Right Stop
Tom is getting good at controlling Henry
Tom’s codes must be in the right _____.
Tom’s codes must be in the right order - they must be in the correct sequence
Author:  David Bland

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