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What does multimedia mean?

Grade 3 Language - Root Words

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Besides using context clues and affixes, students can also use root words as clues to understand their meanings. There are Greek and Latin roots that are in many words. These roots have the same meanings. The student must think about the word that has the same root to determine the meaning of the new word. In this quiz, the students will choose the right meaning of an unknown word based on a known word with the same root.

What is the meaning of MULTIMEDIA?
Use the root in MULTIPLE.
To send media
Many media
To cut media
To see media
Multi means many.
What is the meaning of VOCALIZE?
Use the root in VOCAL.
To call
To cut
A sound
Voc means to call.
What is the meaning of TRANSMIT?
Use the root in ADMIT.
To see
To cut
To send across
To call
Mit means to send.
What is the meaning of FRACTURE?
Use the root in FRACTION.
To break something
To carry across something
To call someone
A sound
If you fracture your wrist, you break it.
What is the meaning of TELEVISE?
Use the root in VIDEO.
To call someone
To send something to many people
To break something into small pieces
To be able to be seen by many people
Vi means to see as in seeing a video.
What is the meaning of BISECT?
Use the root in SECTION.
To send away
To cut open
To make something
Sect means to cut.
What is the meaning of MANUFACTURE?
Use the root in FACTORY.
A person
To make something
To break something
To see someone
The root "fact" means to make something. Factories are known for making things.
What is the meaning of CENTURY?
Use the root in PERCENT.
100 years
To send something
To call many people
Many objects
A century is 100 years.
What is the meaning of SYMPHONY?
Use the root in PHONE.
A show where you hear sounds
Many things to see
Making something over and over again
To enjoy doing something
Phone means sound.
What is the meaning of PORTAL?
Use the root in TRANSPORT.
To carry something through
To see something
To send something
To make something
Port means to carry.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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