Brown Bear Sleeping on Tree
Read the story about bears and then answer the ten questions.

Grade 3 Reading Information - Comprehension

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Students should continue to read on their own. This will help further their reading skills. It is important for third graders to read informational texts containing history or science topics. Using these subjects will help strengthen their knowledge of history and science. In this quiz, the students will answer questions about a topic after reading the text.

Story - Bears

Bears are interesting animals that can be found in warm and cold climates. Grizzly bears can be found in North America. Some of them are found living in the mountains. Polar bears live in very cold climates including Canada and Alaska. The panda bear lives mainly in China. Even though it may seem like there are many types of bears, there are only eight different types of bears living in the world.

Most of the bears eat meat by killing smaller animals. They may also eat plants. However, the panda bear eats mostly bamboo which is a plant. The panda does not eat meat.

Bears are thought to be smart animals. Their brains are usually large. They can figure out where to get food. Some bears in the mountains will search through trash cans.

Bears are known to sleep for a long time in the winter. That means they must eat a lot before they sleep. They will spend a long time eating and eating. Then the bears will be able to sleep for a few months.
Read the story above.
What do bears do for a long time?
Bears will sleep or hibernate for a long time.
Read the story above.
What do most bears eat?
Most bears eat meat.
Read the story above.
What can be said about bears?
They live in warm climates.
They live in cold climates.
They are smart.
They are not smart.
Bears are considered to be smart animals.
Read the story above.
Where do pandas live?
North America.
Panda bears are known for living in China.
Read the story above.
Where do polar bears live?
Warm climates.
Cold climates.
Polar bears live in cold climates.
Read the story above.
How are pandas different from other bears?
They live in Alaska.
They are mammals.
They climb trees.
They eat mostly plants.
Pandas eat plants and they do not eat meat.
Read the story above.
How do bears prepare for their long sleep?
Eat a lot.
Swim a lot.
Run a lot.
Cry a lot.
Bears will spend a long time eating so that they will be prepared for their long sleep.
Read the story above.
How long will bears sleep for their long sleep?
A few days.
A few weeks.
A few months.
A few years.
Bears will sleep a few months.
Read the story above.
Where are grizzly bears found?
South America.
Cold climates.
Some grizzly bears live in the mountains.
Read the story above.
How many types of bears are there?
There are eight different kinds of bears in the world.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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