Grade 3 Reading Information - Key Events
Hands up who likes apple pie!

Grade 3 Reading Information - Key Events

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In many children's short stories, there are pictures to accompany the text. This helps the reader further understand what the story is about. Sometimes, photos or illustrations are added in case there is a term or phrase that the reader would not know. In this quiz, the students will need to read the text and look at the pictures to answer the questions. The photos will help the students answer the questions.

Story - Cooking

Cooking has become a popular activity for both adults and children. Many children enjoy learning to cook at an early age. Now, there are many shows to watch on television about cooking. There are many items you need to use in a kitchen to make a pie.

To make an apple pie, you will need to take a pie crust. First, use a peeler to peel several green apples. Then cut the apples into cubes. Place the cut apples in a strainer. Wash them. Next, mix some sugar, flour and cinnamon with the apples in a mixing bowl. Mix them with a wooden spoon until it is well mixed. Pour the mixture into the pie crust. Bake the pie for 30-45 minutes.

After the pie is baked, you may want to make cream for the topping of the pie. You will need to use a whisk and strongly mix heavy cream with sugar. It will form stiff peaks. Scoop the whipped cream onto the piece. Then use a spatula to serve the pie.

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Read the story - Cooking.
Look at the picture. What does a whisk do?
It does not let any of the mixture go through it.
It mixes only dry sugar and cinnamon.
It lets the wet mixture go through it.
It is used to bake the food.
Since a whisk has slats in it, the wet mixture can go through it.
Read the story - Cooking.
Look at the picture. What will happen to the whipped cream when it forms stiff peaks?
It will come to a point.
It will melt.
It will drip.
It will break.
The stiff peaks of whipped cream come to a point as is shown in the picture.
Read the story - Cooking.
When do you wash the apples?
Before you cut them.
After you cut them.
Before you take out the pie crust.
After you bake the pie.
You will need to wash the apples after you cut them.
Read the story - Cooking.
Look at the picture. What does a peeler do?
It cuts the fruit or vegetable.
It takes off the skin of a fruit or vegetable.
It washes the fruit or vegetable.
It cooks the fruit or vegetable.
A peeler will remove the skin of the fruit.
Read the story - Cooking.
Look at the picture. What does a spatula do?
It stirs the mixture.
It picks up a piece of food.
It cooks the food.
It gets the extra water off of the fruit.
Spatulas are used to pick up food.
Read the story - Cooking.
Look at the picture. What does a strainer do?
It cooks the fruit in a bowl.
It lets the fruit soak in the water.
It removes the extra water from the fruit.
It stirs the fruit with the sugar.
A strainer removes the extra water from the fruits and vegetables.
Read the story - Cooking.
Look at the picture. What does the wooden spoon look like?
It has holes in it.
It is very short.
It is made of metal.
It does not have holes in it.
The wooden spoon does not have slats or holes in it.
Read the story - Cooking.
What kind of apples do you need for this apple pie?
Red apples.
Green apples.
Yellow apples.
Big apples.
The recipe calls for green apples.
Read the story - Cooking.
Where can you learn to cook?
From your younger sister.
By yourself.
By watching television.
By going to a cooking school.
According to the text, children can learn to cook by watching television shows about cooking.
Read the story - Cooking.
In the text, what is being described?
How to make an apple pie.
How to make a television show about cooking.
How to make a wooden spoon.
How to use a spatula.
A recipe about making an apple pie is described in the text.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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