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Grade 3 Reading Literature - Comprehending Literature
Can you think of an acrostic poem for your name?

Grade 3 Reading Literature - Comprehending Literature

This English Language quiz is called 'Comprehending Literature' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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An acrostic poem looks at a key word and then asks you to write a line about that word. Each line you start should begin with a letter from that word. An example is:

Story 1: Selling My Bike

Sarah: Would you like to buy my bike? I can sell it to you very cheaply.
Tina: I don’t know.
Narrator: Tina looks the bike over and makes a face.
Tina: The bike's wheel looks wobbly. It looks like it might fall off.
Sarah: It won't fall off. It has stayed on forever.
Narrator: Tina looks unsure.
Tina: How much do you want for your bike?
Sarah: $50.00.
Tina: I'll give you $30.00 for the bike.
Sarah: Okay. I will only take cash.
Tina: Fine. Here is the money. The bike had better work.
Narrator: Sarah gives the bike to Tina and Tina gives Sarah $30.

Story 2: Painting the room

Margaret loved her room. It was painted a pink color. Everything in her room was pink. She had a princess bed with all of her dolls on her bed. She also had many things in her room for a young girl. However, Margaret had just turned ten years old. She wanted to change her room. She wasn’t a young girl anymore. Her room needed to change because she was growing older. Margaret’s mother had said that they could first paint her room. It should be a color for older girls. Margaret chose gray.

Margaret and her mother pushed all of the things in Margaret’s room into the hallway. Margaret was scared to change the paint in her room. It had always been pink and she still loved pink. Yet, she knew she would love the gray color too.

After a few hours, the room was painted. Margaret looked around her room. It looked great. She really didn’t miss the pink color. Margaret’s mother said that they should go shopping. They should buy things for the rest of the room.

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If I were writing an acrostic poem on the word 'sun', what would my first sentence have to begin with?
The first line would have to begin with s, then the second would be u and the last line would begin with n.
Read Story 1 – Selling My Bike
How does Tina act about buying the bike?
Tina acts as if she is unsure whether she should buy it or not.
Read Story 1 – Selling My Bike
What is the problem with the bike?
The seat
The handlebar
The wheel
The pedals
Tina is unsure about the wheel of the bike.
Read Story 1 – Selling My Bike
How does Tina pay for the bike?
She trades her doll for the bike
She uses a credit card
She trades her cell phone for the bike
She pays cash for it
Sarah insists Tina pay cash for it which she does.
Read Story 1 – Selling My Bike
How much did Tina pay for the bike?
Tina pays $30.00 for the bike even though Sarah wanted $50.00 for it.
Read Story 2 – Painting the Room
Why does Margaret want to paint her room?
Because she hates pink
Because she does not like her room
Because she is growing older
Because she likes gray better than pink
Margaret still likes pink, but knows she needs a more grown-up room.
Which answer would be the first line in the acrostic poem called 'Stamp'?
Always put one on your envelope
Must be in the corner
Picture of Queen Elizabeth
Stick it with a lick
Every line will begin with a capital letter.
Which answer would be the third line in the acrostic poem called 'Helicopter'?
Lovely being up so high
How they fly so high
Everyone enjoys a ride
Can't wait to go on one again
When you finish a line in poetry, you don't have to add punctuation. This means, you don't have to end each line with a period if you don't want to!
Read Story 2 – Painting the Room
What is on Margaret’s bed?
Stuffed animals
Margaret has placed a lot of dolls on her bed.
Read Story 2 – Painting the Room
What does Margaret's mom want to do at the end of the story?
Buy things for Margaret’s room
Get a pet dog
Paint the room pink
Paint her own room
Margaret’s mom probably wants to get more grown-up things for her daughter’s room.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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