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Grade 3 Speaking / Listening - Exploring Ideas
Remember to take your notes to a group discussion.

Grade 3 Speaking / Listening - Exploring Ideas

This English Language quiz is called 'Exploring Ideas' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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Third graders should be collaborating with their peers. When a formal discussion is organized by the teacher, the students should come prepared. This may include reading information or taking notes on a topic. As the discussion is underway, the students should refer and use the information that they came with. In this quiz, the students will answer questions about preparing for a discussion and referring to their notes during a discussion.

Your group discussion is about the topic below.
What is the best soft drink and why?
How can you prepare for this discussion?
Drink your favorite soft drink.
Write down your ideas and reasons.
Bring a soft drink to the discussion.
Research about how soft drinks are made.
One way to prepare for a discussion that is about your own opinion is to write down your ideas.
You are in a group discussion about cowboys. Everyone in your group has prepared for the discussion. After discussing for a few minutes, the group needs to know what cowboys ate while they were on the trail. What can you and the group do to answer that question?
The leader in the group should ask their teacher for help.
The group should ask another group for help.
One person should read the chapter on cowboys in the textbook.
Everyone should look through their notes or book.
Each member in the group should consult their notes or book for the answer.
You have a group discussion during class today on Pilgrims. You prepared by writing down information from the textbook. What should you do during the class discussion?
Make copies of your notes and give them to the group.
Bring the notes with you and look at them.
Turn your notes in to the teacher.
Leave them at your seat and only get them if you think you will need them.
You should bring the notes to the group discussion and refer to them for ideas and support.
Your teacher told you yesterday that you would be discussing Chapter 3 in a group. What should you do?
Skim Chapter 3.
Read Chapter 3 and take notes.
Discuss Chapter 3 with your friends.
Answer questions about Chapter 3 that are in the textbook.
The best thing you can do to prepare for this discussion would be to read the chapter and take notes on the major facts.
Your group discussion is about the topic below.
What tasks does a chef do every day?
How can you prepare for this discussion?
Ask your brother or sister about chefs.
Read about chefs and take notes.
Think about what you know about chefs and write it down.
Draw a picture of a chef.
This topic is something that most students would not have knowledge about, so they should read about being a chef.
Why should students prepare before a discussion?
Because students will be ready to discuss the topic.
Because students should be introduced to the topic.
Because students need something to do before the discussion.
Because students need to know where they can locate information during the discussion.
The main reason for being prepared for a discussion is so that the students are ready to discuss the topic during the discussion time.
Tomorrow, you are going to be placed in a group to discuss a topic. What is the best way to come to a group discussion at school?
Practice the words you are going to say to your group.
Bring 3-5 books on the topic to read during the discussion.
Read information about the topic before coming to school.
Talk to your friends the night before about the topic.
The best thing to do is to read about the topic before school so that you have information to pull from.
Your group discussion is about the topic below.
What is the worst job in the world?
Why do you still need to prepare for this discussion?
Because you can hand out your notes to your classmates in your group.
Because everyone will know that you are a good student.
Because it looks good to come to a discussion with notes in your hand.
Because you may forget your thoughts and ideas during the discussion.
During a group discussion, you may forget your ideas. So, take time the night before to think about your ideas.
For your part in a discussion, you were to bring information to the discussion about a horse's movements. During your group discussion, your group asks you about how a horse gallops. You can't remember. What should you do?
Look at your notes.
Read the textbook.
Ask another group member.
Think and make a guess.
The best thing for you to do is to consult your notes.
Your group discussion is about the topic below.
What is your favorite book?
How can you prepare for this discussion?
Bring 20 books to class.
Read about books that are popular right now and take notes about the research you did.
Write down your own thoughts and ideas.
Ask your mother about her favorite book.
This topic is about your opinion, so you need to write down your own thoughts and ideas.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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