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Grade 3 Speaking / Listening - Rules
What information could you bring to a discussion about cats?

Grade 3 Speaking / Listening - Rules

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Rules are needed in a discussion so that it runs smoothly. These rules should be agreed upon by the entire class. Some of these rules include gaining the floor in respectful ways and listening to others with care. Students should learn these rules and practice them. In this quiz, the students will answer questions about discussion rules.

Why are rules important for a group discussion?
Because people will be able to communicate effectively.
Because more people could be part of the group.
Because students will make better grades.
Because the group members will become friends.
Group discussions will allow all students to speak and listen to all ideas.
It is the beginning of a group discussion. Your group wants to set up rules during a discussion. How should this be done?
Half of the group should come up with the rules.
The teacher should set the rules for the group.
The leader of the group should set the rules for the group.
Set rules that everyone in the group agrees with.
It is important for all of the rules to be agreed upon by all of the group members.
How should a member of the group get the attention of the group so he or she can say something?
Start speaking.
Raise their hand.
Make a noise.
Speak to the person next to them.
Raising a hand is a great way to gain the floor.
In what way should a member of the group get the attention to speak?
In a quiet way.
In a loud way.
In a quick way.
In a kind way.
Everything that is done by the members of the group should be done in a kind way.
A member of the group has gotten the attention of the group. She is about to speak. How should everyone act?
Listen and think about what she is saying.
Listen to the important parts of what she is saying.
Talk quietly to the person next to them.
Listen and judge whether she is saying something that is right.
Listening attentively is just as important as speaking.
Why is it important to listen attentively to a group member speaking?
Your teacher will be happy with you.
It is the right thing to do.
You can consider all ideas.
So everyone has a turn.
Even though the other answers may be true, the real reason to listen is so that you hear all of the ideas.
You are about to say something in a group discussion about why you like your dog. However, the topic is about taking care of cats. What should you say?
Information you know about cats.
Your story about your dog.
That you don't know anything about cats.
Why you like your pet dog.
Since the discussion is about cats, the information discussed should be about cats.
Why is it important to stay on topic during a group discussion?
Because there is not a lot of class time.
Because no one wants to listen to any other topic.
Because more ideas about the topic will be shared.
Because the teacher would be happy.
Staying on topic allows the group members to get deeper into the conversation.
How should group members speak during a discussion?
Two at a time.
One at a time.
Everyone at the same time.
Half the group at the same time.
Only one person should speak at a time so everyone can hear what is being said.
A student starts to talk about another topic in a group discussion. What should happen?
No one should let that person speak again during this discussion.
The next person should continue speaking about the new topic.
The next person should speak about the assigned topic.
Only one person should be speaking from now on.
The discussion should be turned back to the assigned topic.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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