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Young girl walking in snow
Read about Beth in this quiz.

Grade 3 Writing - Dialogue and Description

This English Language quiz is called 'Dialogue and Description' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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Students need to include dialogue and descriptions in their narratives. This allows the readers to visualize the characters and events in the story. Also, the actions, thoughts and feelings of the characters help with the visualization. The characters should also respond to the situations in the story. In this quiz, the students will create a story by answering the questions that should include certain elements.

Which story starter includes descriptions of the main character?
The main character is Beth.
Snow fell all around the short blonde-haired girl named Beth.
Beth walked in the snow down the street.
Beth looked right and left and walked quickly across the snow-covered street.
Details and descriptions are given about the main character and the setting.
Which sentence would describe the main character's thoughts and feelings?
Beth shivered due to the cold and fear because she wished she was already home.
Beth was very cold. She shivered while the snow continued to fall.
Beth is nice and she walks to her house in this cold snow.
Snow continued to fall which completely covered the area around Beth.
Beth's thoughts and feelings include wanting to be home and being fearful.
Which sentence shows the best description of the action?
Beth hears someone who is walking behind her.
A bad man walked fast behind Beth which caused Beth to become scared.
Someone was walking behind Beth and Beth was walking slowly.
Footsteps crunched in the snow behind Beth and they were getting faster and faster.
This sentence best describes the action of the person walking behind Beth.
What dialogue should be included?
"Will I get to go to the movies tomorrow?" Beth asks her mother.
"Who is there?" Beth asks in a shivering voice.
The old man continued to crunch in the snow.
Beth couldn't see the man behind her because the snow was falling so fast.
Dialogue is the words spoken by the character.
What is the best description of the next event in the story?
Beth walks happily through the snow because Beth likes the snow.
Beth asks, "Are you walking me home?"
Beth listens a lot so she can hear something.
Beth listens as her ears strain to hear any sound.
This sentence describes how Beth listens intently.
What is the best description of the next event in the story?
The man walks closer to Beth in the snow.
Beth knows the man is coming closer.
A dark shadow of a man is on the ground close to Beth.
Beth is angry that the man is so close to her.
This sentence is the best description because it brings suspense to the story.
What is the best reaction for Beth?
Beth turns around to see if she can see the man.
Beth quickly whirls around as her feet slip a little in the snow.
Beth looks behind her so she can see the man.
What is behind Beth?
This sentence uses the best descriptive words to describe Beth's reaction.
What is the best description of the next event?
Beth comes face to face with her older smiling brother.
Beth sees her brother.
Beth's brother is standing before her.
Beth's brother is named Tim.
This descriptive sentence best explains the event.
What dialogue could be included here?
Beth slaps her brother across the face for trying to scare her.
"How are you doing today?" Beth asks her older brother.
"What are you doing here?" Beth asks with a sigh of relief.
Beth asks her brother a question.
This question would be accurate dialogue for Beth.
What dialogue could be included here?
"I am just making sure you get home safely," Beth's brother says.
"Are you going to the movies?" Beth asks.
Beth and Tim walk home together in the freezing snow.
The snow starts to lessen as the time goes on.
The dialogue would most likely be a response to Beth's prior question.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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