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Grade 3 Writing - Research and Revision
Can you recognise different types of writing?

Grade 3 Writing - Research and Revision

This English Language quiz is called 'Research and Revision' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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Students should frequently write for pleasure. They should also write for different purposes and different amounts of time. Sometimes, students should write longer research projects. Other times they should write shorter pieces. In this quiz, the students will answer questions about different types of writing.

What is the purpose of a reflection?
To express your thoughts for the day.
To inform about a topic.
To entertain with a story.
To persuade people to believe a certain way.
A reflection is a piece of writing where the author reflects about their day.
What must be done first before a revision?
Write the final draft.
Write the first draft.
Edit your writing.
Reword the essay.
A first draft must be done first before revising it.
You are writing an essay about the differences between cats and dogs. What is the purpose of this essay?
To entertain.
To inform.
To explain the writer's feelings.
To persuade.
This type of writing would contain facts about dogs and cats.
Your assignment is to revise your essay. What does your teacher want you to do?
Reword the topic sentence.
Have your parents read your essay.
Rewrite your essay.
Edit your work.
When you need to revise your essay, you need to edit your work.
Your teacher asks you to write something that includes characters and a problem. What type of writing will you do?
An opinion essay.
An informative essay.
A narrative.
A research project.
A narrative is a short story which would contain characters and a plot.
You are writing an opinion essay. What is the purpose of it?
To inform your audience.
To entertain your audience.
To persuade your audience.
To explain your feelings to your audience.
Opinions are usually stated to persuade people to believe a certain way.
You are writing a narrative that will be published on your school's website. Who will the audience most likely be?
School leaders.
Your parents.
The community.
Your classmates.
When students publish their work on the school's website, this is so their classmates can read their work.
Your assignment is to write a research project. How long will this project probably take?
A day.
A week.
30 minutes.
One hour.
Usually, a research project takes a few days to a week.
Your teacher asks you to write an entry in your journal. How long should you write?
Ten minutes.
A few days.
A week.
Ten seconds.
Ten minutes is a good amount of time for a journal entry.
Your teacher wants you to reflect on your day. How long will you most likely write?
Half an hour.
One minute.
A week.
2-3 days.
One minute isn't long enough to write your reflection, but half an hour is a good amount of time.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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