Four dogs sitting in a row in the wood
Read the story about dogs and then have a go at the quiz.

Grade 4 Reading Foundation - Purpose and Understanding

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Each text that is written has a purpose. The author wants to relay a message for the reader. Therefore, students must read texts with purpose and understanding. To do this, they need practice. In this quiz, students will read the text and answer questions about understanding and purpose.

Story - Dogs

Dogs are placed into categories. These categories are called breeds. Currently, there are over 300 recognized dog breeds in the world. A dog breed is one in which the dog’s mother and father are the same recognized breed. When a dog’s parents are of different breeds, then their puppy will be considered to be a mixed breed. Some dogs have many different types of breeds in them.

Some dog breeds originated from certain countries. For instance, the German Shepherd is known to be Germany’s dog. It is recorded to have first been spotted there in the late 1800s. Labrador Retrievers were first found in Canada. An area in Canada is called Labrador. The beagle was believed to be popular in England during England’s history. Today, these dogs are all over the world.

Many people have dogs as pets. However, someone will need to determine if they want a large dog or a small one. Large dogs are typically easier to housebreak than smaller dogs. Also, smaller dogs bark more frequently than large dogs. However, it all depends on the dog, but an owner should take everything into consideration when selecting a new pet dog.
Read the story – Dogs above.
How could a dog be a poodle?
The dog would have curly hair
The veterinarian would have to say that the dog was a poodle
The dog’s parents would both have to be poodles
The dog would bark like a poodle
The only way for a poodle to be a purebred dog is for both parents to be poodles
Read the story – Dogs above.
What is the author’s purpose of the text?
To entertain the reader with a story about dogs
To inform the reader about dogs
To persuade the reader to buy a dog
To express their feelings about dogs
This text contains facts
Read the story – Dogs above.
Which dogs will most likely bark more?
Quiet dogs
Small dogs
Large dogs
Small dogs have a tendency to bark a lot
Read the story – Dogs above and read the situation below.
Tiffany has moved in with her friends. Her friends have just bought a brand new house. She wants to get a dog. Which dog will most likely not use the bathroom in the house?
A quiet dog
A small dog
A large dog
A beagle
Tiffany should probably choose a large dog since they are easier to housebreak
Read the story – Dogs above.
What do you think is the author’s view about dogs?
They like dogs
They don’t like dogs
They like cats better than dogs
It is too difficult to determine
The author likes dogs because they wrote the text with a positive tone
Read the story – Dogs above.
What is another word for breed?
Breeds are categories of dog
Read the story – Dogs above.
Which dogs are easier to housebreak?
Quiet dogs
Small dogs
Large dogs
Large dogs are easier to housebreak possibly because they are not as fearful of going outside as smaller dogs
Read the story – Dogs above.
What is a mixed breed?
A dog’s parents are unknown
A dog’s parents are from two different breeds or are mixed breeds themselves
A dog looks like two breeds
A dog attacks other dogs
Many dogs are mixed breeds
Read the story – Dogs above.
Which dog was found in North America?
Labrador Retriever
German Shepherd
Retrievers were found in Canada
Read the story – Dogs above.
Which is a true statement based on information in the second paragraph?
Certain breeds are named after where the dog came from
Most dogs were found in Europe
Retrievers and Shepherds are found in southern areas
Certain breeds can only be found where they were first discovered
Labrador Retrievers came from a place called Labrador
Author:  Amy Flanders

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