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The Alamo building with old cannon
Read the story about the Alamo before playing the quiz.

Grade 4 Reading Information - Events

This English Language quiz is called 'Events' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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Fourth graders will begin to learn more difficult concepts and events in science and social studies. They should be able to read the textbook and explain events, procedures, ideas and concepts. To do this, the student will need to explain what happened in a historical event. The student should also be able to identify the cause of it. In this quiz, the students will read about the Alamo and answer questions pertaining to this event.

Story - The Alamo

The Alamo was first built for the Spanish missionaries who came there. Over time, it was changed into a fort. In 1821, Mexico became free from Spanish rule. During this time the area in Texas was part of Mexico. General Santa Anna became the leader of Mexico. People in Texas did not like him and the way he ruled. In 1836, Texas stated that they were free from Mexican rule.

With his army, General Santa Anna led them to fight against the Texans. Some famous Americans were part of this Texan army. These included Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett. The Texans retreated to the Alamo fort. Over 1,800 Mexican soldiers approached the Alamo. There were only 200 Texan soldiers in the Alamo.

In the Alamo, there were several buildings and walls to keep the Mexicans out. Even though Texas’s leader wanted everyone out of the fort, Jim Bowie decided to stay and fight it out. On February 23, 1836, the fort was attacked. The Mexicans and General Santa Anna thought it would be a fast battle due to the difference in the number of soldiers there. However, the Texans proved him wrong. For two weeks, the Texans were able to keep the Mexicans out of the fort.

The Texans lost the Battle of the Alamo, but eventually they would win their war for independence. When the Texans won, they would yell “Remember the Alamo!”
Read the story - The Alamo above.
Why did the Texans want independence?
Mexicans attacked the Alamo.
They wanted to live in Texas.
They did not like General Santa Anna.
They were wanting to fight someone.
The Texans did not like the Mexican leader.
Read the story - The Alamo above.
What was the Alamo when it was first built?
A fort.
A hospital.
A hiding place.
A church.
First, the Alamo was built for the Spanish missionaries.
Read the story - The Alamo above.
What similarity did Mexico and Texas have?
They both gained their independence.
They both built forts.
They both won at the Alamo.
General Santa Anna lead both places.
Just a few years before Texas declared their independence, Mexico declared theirs.
Read the story - The Alamo above.
In 1821, who or what owned the land that is now Texas?
Great Britain.
United States.
In 1821, Texas was part of Mexico.
Read the story - The Alamo above.
What is one reason why the battle of the Alamo became famous?
Because the Texans barely won the battle.
Because there were famous people fighting in the battle.
Because the weapons during this battle were of higher technology.
Because this ended the war.
Both Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett fought at the Alamo.
Read the story - The Alamo above.
What is another reason why the battle of the Alamo became famous?
Because General Santa Anna was killed during this battle.
Because many Mexican soldiers decided to fight for Texas during this battle.
Because the Texans kidnapped many Mexican soldiers.
Because the outnumbered Texans held off the Mexicans for two weeks.
Texas had a small number of soldiers compared to Mexico during this battle.
Read the story - The Alamo above.
Who wanted the Texan soldiers to get out of the fort before the battle started?
Jim Bowie.
Texas's leader.
Davy Crockett.
Santa Anna.
Sam Houston was Texas's leader during this war when he told Bowie and Crockett to get out of the fort.
Read the story - The Alamo above.
Why do you think the Texan soldiers were told to leave the fort before the battle?
Because they would use up all of their weapons.
Because the Alamo did not have any walls to protect them.
Because there was a more important battle to fight.
Because they would lose the battle.
The Battle of the Alamo was going to be lost by the Texans due to the number of soldiers on each side.
Read the story - The Alamo above.
What was Mexico's conclusion about the outcome of the battle when they approached the Alamo?
General Santa Anna might get injured during this battle.
They would only use a small amount of their soldiers.
They would defeat the Texans quickly.
This battle would be the last battle of the war.
Due to the numbers in both armies at the Alamo, Santa Anna thought this battle would be won by them quickly.
Read the story - The Alamo above.
Why did the Texans yell "Remember the Alamo" at the end of the war?
It was a significant battle that showed how strong Texans were.
It angered the Texans for losing so many soldiers during that battle.
This was a memorial to those who lost their lives.
This was done to remind everyone to use the strategy that was fought at the Alamo.
This battle showed Texas's strength.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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