Two icebergs against blue sky and sea
The Titanic hit an iceberg before sinking.

Grade 4 Reading Information - Supporting Points

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When an author writes about a topic, he or she should provide evidence to support what they are writing. This evidence may be reasons to explain the topic. It should be convincing to the reader. In this quiz, the students will read an essay about the Titanic. Then they will answer questions about the reasons and evidence provided by the author.

Story - Titanic

Did you know that about 1,500 people died on the Titanic? The RMS Titanic was considered an unsinkable ship. Due to the thought that the ship would not sink, the Captain and crew ignored warning signs. Also, during that time, safety precautions were not enforced. Therefore, the Titanic disaster is probably the worst disaster of all time that killed citizens.

The extent to which the people died is significant. Most of the 1,500 people froze to death in the northern Atlantic waters. Freezing to death is quite painful. Besides being extremely cold and wet, the numbness would make it feel like needles were sticking in the skin. When a person is freezing to death, he or she will constantly be looking for warmth. In this case, they will not have any choice. They will simply struggle to get warm until they die.

Another unfortunate fact is that there were several ships in the area. The Carpathia is the ship credited with coming to the Titanic’s aid. However, the Californian was very close to the Titanic when it sank. The crew onboard this ship even witnessed the Titanic’s distress flares in the air. Like several other boats in the area, the Californian would not come to help the Titanic because of the icebergs in the area. Most of these boats were responding to the Titanic, but they refused to come for fear that they would strike an iceberg and sink.

When the Titanic struck the iceberg, the Captain and crew knew it would be impossible to keep the ship afloat. It would sink into the chilly icy waters without enough lifeboats on board to save everyone. Instead of creating a chaotic situation, the crew created a scene that this was not an emergency. They did not want the passengers to rush onto the lifeboats. Many passengers were not aware of how much trouble they were in. This false hope was further pushed when the Titanic’s band played their instruments on the deck of the Titanic as it was sinking.
Read the story - Titanic above.
Why is freezing to death painful?
Feeling wet would be uncomfortable
Numbness feels like needles sticking in the skin
Being cold would make them shiver
They would have a runny nose and cough
Freezing to death would cause pain due to the numbness
Read the story - Titanic above.
Why did the band play on the deck as the ship was sinking?
To create chaos
So the passengers would enjoy the music while waiting for a lifeboat
To give false hope
So the band members could get paid
The Captain and crew gave false hope to the passengers so they would not rush the lifeboats
Read the story - Titanic above.
Why did the Captain and crew create a scene that there was not an emergency when the Titanic struck the iceberg?
Because there really wasn't an emergency since they had lifeboats
Because they did not want the passengers to rush onto the lifeboats
Because a rescue ship was coming soon
Because the Captain and crew wanted to make sure they would be saved first
It was feared that the passengers would rush the lifeboats causing more problems
Read the story - Titanic above.
What would someone do if he or she was freezing to death?
Have a burning feeling
Feel confused
Look for warmth
The freezing person would constantly be looking for warmth
Read the story - Titanic above.
When the Titanic struck the iceberg, what did the Captain and crew know?
That the ship would hit another iceberg
That the ship would sink
That no ship would help them
That they would not use their distress flares
The Captain and crew knew the ship would sink after hitting the iceberg
Read the story - Titanic above.
Which ships responded to the Titanic's distress signals?
Only the Californian
Most of the ships
Only the Carpathia
None of them
Most of the ships responded to the distress signals of the Titanic, but the Carpathia is the only one that came to the Titanic's aid
Read the story - Titanic above.
Which ship came to the Titanic's aid?
None of them
The Californian
The Carpathia
Both the Californian and the Carpathia
The Carpathia came to the Titanic's aid
Read the story - Titanic above.
Where did the 1,500 people on the Titanic die?
In the Atlantic Ocean
On board the Titanic
In New York City
In Ireland
The 1,500 passengers who died from the Titanic froze to death in the ocean
Read the story - Titanic above.
Why didn't the Californian come to the Titanic's aid?
Because they thought they would hit an iceberg
Because they did not like the Titanic
Because they could not find where the Titanic was located
Because they did not know the Titanic was in trouble
It was feared that they could strike an iceberg and sink too
Read the story - Titanic above.
What is the author's second point about why this is the worst disaster?
The Captain and crew gave the passengers false hope
1,500 people died on the Titanic
Most of the people froze to death
There were ships in the area to help rescue the Titanic victims
The second point is given in the third paragraph of the text
Author:  Amy Flanders

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