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Rhinoceros in Africa in sepia colors
The rhino is an endangered animal - what does this mean?

Grade 4 Reading Information - Word Meaning (Academic)

This English Language quiz is called 'Word Meaning (Academic)' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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When students are reading a science or social studies textbook, they need to be able to understand the academic words and phrases. Just like determining the meaning of unknown words in stories, the same can be done for science and social studies texts. To do this, the student will use the context clues to figure out the meaning of academic terms. Learning to analyze academic terms will help in other subjects as well. In this quiz, the students will identify the definition of the word based on the sentences.

As an HERBIVORE, the giraffe can often be seen chewing on the leaves from the tops of many trees.

What does HERBIVORE mean?
Does not eat at all.
Eats both plants and meat.
Eats only plants.
Eats only meat.
Herbivores eat only plants and they do not eat meat.
The plant needed sunlight in order for the act of PHOTOSYNTHESIS to work. Then the plant was energized.

What does PHOTOSYNTHESIS mean?
It is the way in which the plant produces leaves on its stem.
It is the path where the plant takes in nutrients from the soil.
It is the way in which sunlight falls onto the plant's leaves.
It is when plants take in sunlight and use it as food to gain energy.
Photosynthesis is an important part of the plant's way of functioning.
The birds' MIGRATION south is expected every year near wintertime because they cannot survive in cold temperatures.

What does MIGRATION mean?
The way in which a predator catch its prey.
A change in climate.
A large movement to another location.
A place where animals get food.
A migration is a movement of animals to another place for a specific reason.
Only a few dinosaurs were CARNIVORES because most of the dinosaurs ate plants only.

What does CARNIVORES mean?
Does not eat at all.
Eats both plants and meat.
Eats only plants.
Eats only meat.
Carnivores eat only meat like other animals.
The rhinoceros became endangered when the POPULATION decreased significantly in recent years.

What does POPULATION mean?
The total number of people or animals in an area or group.
The people in a city.
The number of animals in one household.
Any number of things or people.
A population is the number of animals or people in an area or group.
A green snake will often CAMOUFLAGE itself into the grass and leaves in order to hide from its predators.

What does CAMOUFLAGE mean?
To turn different colors.
To blend in with the environment.
To move across the grass.
To be scared.
An animal that camouflages itself would find areas that have the same colors as itself.
A common HABITAT for the brown bear is a cave because he can hibernate and keep his young safe there.

What does HABITAT mean?
A place where an animal fights.
A place where an animal lives.
A place where an animal finds food.
A place where an animal goes to die.
An animal's habitat would make an animal feel safe.
The polar bear eats fish from the sea because it is a CONSUMER.

What does CONSUMER mean?
Must eat plants or animals to survive.
Must use sunlight to survive.
Must use water to survive.
Does not need animals or plants to survive.
Consumers must eat plants or animals in order to survive. Most animals are consumers.
Many organizations try to push for laws to stop hunters from killing ENDANGERED animals.

What does ENDANGERED mean?
To hunt animals.
To have no species of animals left.
To be close to being extinct.
For animals to escape hunters.
If an animal is endangered, then it is close to being extinct.
Algae does not have to kill animals or eat plants in order to survive since it is a PRODUCER.

What does PRODUCER mean?
Does not eat at all.
Eats both plants and meat.
Eats plants only.
Eats meat only.
Producers can make their own food by using sunlight.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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