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Two girls throwing darts in an amusement park
Do you like amusement parks?

Grade 4 Reading Literature - Connections

This English Language quiz is called 'Connections' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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Even though 4th graders are reading chapter books, they will still be exposed to texts that contain visuals or oral presentations. Both the text and the visual provide the reader with information on the topic. The students can make connections between the text and the visual. However, they will also explain how each part contributes to the topic. In this quiz, the students will answer questions about a text and a visual.

Story – Amusement Park

Amanda and her friends had gone to the amusement park. Amanda was a little more fearful about being up high and riding roller coasters than her friends. Actually, her friends were not scared at all. They believed that the scarier the ride, the better. Amanda had an idea.

“Let’s ride this ride. It seems fun,” Amanda told her friends, hoping they would agree.

“Okay,” the friends stated reluctantly. They already knew Amanda did not like scary rides. However, they rode Amanda’s choice a few times. Amanda was happy.

“Now, let’s ride this ride,” a friend said pointing to the Ferris wheel. Amanda wasn’t sure. She hated it, but she agreed.

Amanda and her best friend got strapped in. After a few minutes, the Ferris wheel slowly turned and went in circles for several rotations. It took quite a while for Amanda to get off the ride.

Then the friends decided to divide up and ride separate rides. One group went to Taylor’s favorite ride. Taylor always went on this ride.

The other group decided to ride a roller coaster. This roller coaster was very popular. Amanda had heard about this roller coaster. She did not know which ride she should ride. She really didn’t like either one of them, but she chose the roller coaster. She watched the ride go around the track several times while she was in line with her friends.

After riding the ride, Amanda was actually happy, but a little scared. She wanted to ride it again.

(To see a larger image, click on the picture.)
Read the story - Amusement Park above.
Look at the picture. This is the ride that Amanda chose. Who usually rides this type of ride?
Young children.
Senior citizens.
Usually, children ride the merry-go-round.
Read the story - Amusement Park above.
Why would Amanda like this ride?
She would be with children.
She likes horses.
The ride goes slowly.
The ride spins around.
The ride goes very slowly since children ride it.
Read the story - Amusement Park above.
Look at the picture. Which term best describes this amusement park ride?
The Ferris wheel is very tall. It may be the tallest ride in the park.
Read the story - Amusement Park above.
Why did Amanda hate this ride?
She hated heights.
The ride made weird noises.
The ride spun around very fast.
The ride did not work correctly.
Since Amanda hates heights, she would hate this tall ride.
Read the story - Amusement Park above.
Look at the picture. The ride is over. What does the Ferris wheel attendant have to do to get all of the riders off of the Ferris wheel?
The attendant would not let anyone off the ride until they rode it five times.
The attendant would let half of the groups out first and then the rest.
Each group of people would get off the ride at the same time.
The attendant would stop each car of the ride and open it to let each group out.
Since each group is in a separate car, they must be let out separately.
Read the story - Amusement Park above.
Why does it take quite a while for Amanda to get off the Ferris wheel?
Because the attendant refused to let them off the ride.
Because she asked the ride attendant if she and her friend could ride the Ferris wheel several more times.
Because she must have asked to get off last.
Because she must have been near the end of the line when the attendant started letting people off the ride.
It usually takes a while to get off of a Ferris wheel especially if you are near the end of the line.
Read the story - Amusement Park above.
Look at the picture. Which word best describes Taylor's favorite ride?
Random movements.
This ride spins around very fast.
Read the story - Amusement Park above.
Why would Amanda dislike this ride?
Because it is Taylor's favorite ride.
Because it moves too slowly.
Because it is up high at certain points.
Because it goes upside down.
Amanda would hate this ride because she hates heights.
Read the story - Amusement Park above.
Look at the picture. Which word describes this roller coaster?
Up and down.
For the most part, this roller coaster has loops.
Read the story - Amusement Park above.
Why would Amanda probably like this roller coaster ride?
She wouldn't notice the height since it would go so fast.
The ride probably goes fairly slowly, so it would not scare Amanda.
Amanda was not really ever scared of riding roller coasters to begin with.
This roller coaster was virtual and not a real roller coaster.
Amanda probably wouldn't notice the height of the roller coaster due to its fast speed.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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