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Grade 4 Reading Literature - Poetry, Drama and Prose
The word 'frizz' rhymes with 'quiz'. Are there any others?

Grade 4 Reading Literature - Poetry, Drama and Prose

This English Language quiz is called 'Poetry, Drama and Prose' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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There are differences between poetry, drama and prose. Play this enjoyable quiz and find out how much you know.

Which of the following has stage directions?
Fairy tale.
Short story.
Stage directions tell the readers how to act out each scene.
Why does a poem have rhythm?
Because it is written in lines.
Because it usually is performed or read aloud.
Because it sets the scene.
Because it creates a problem.
Since poems were originally performed, they contain rhythm.
Finish this poem: Before you jump, always check...
If you don't, you could hurt yourself!
If you don't, you could injure your back!
If you don't, you could break your neck!
If you don't, you could break your finger!
The words 'check' and 'neck' rhyme. Just so you know, poems don't have to rhyme.
Which of the following usually has a plot and a setting?
Poem and short story.
Poem and drama.
Song and poem.
Drama and short story.
A drama and short story contain a problem in the plot and they must set up the problem by including the setting.
How are the characters in a drama different from those in a short story?
Dramas have a list of characters at the beginning of the drama and a short story includes the characters in the story.
Dramas have dynamic characters whereas short stories have static characters.
Dramas have characters that are nice and kind to each other whereas a short story has a villain and a good character.
Dramas have only a few characters, but a short story can have as many characters as the author wants.
In a drama, a cast of characters is listed at the beginning of the drama so that the teacher or leader can assign roles.
Which usually has the most dialogue in it?
Fairy tale.
Short story
Dramas usually have the most dialogue because they are to be performed.
Finish this poem: Put your coat on or you'll freeze...
Now do what I've asked.
Now do what I've asked, please.
Do it now.
I love snow!
Snowstorms with strong winds are called blizzards.
Which of the following is written with meter in it?
Fairy tale.
Short story.
Poems contain meter in them.
Why is poetry written in verse?
So that the poems have only 5 words each line.
Because poems must be short.
So that they can be read with rhythm and rhyme.
Because the poet would not have to worry about grammar.
Each verse usually has a certain number of syllables in it so that it contains rhythm and rhyme.
Read the text below.

Narrator: Tiffany laid down on the couch. Her stomach was hurting.
Tiffany’s Mother: What is wrong?
Tiffany: I ate too much candy.

How do you know this is from a drama?
The characters’ names are listed to their dialogue.
It contains a few characters.
A setting is introduced at the beginning of this part of the drama.
The dialogue is written for the characters.
In a drama, the character’s name is written on the side and their dialogue is written next to it.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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