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Grade 4 Speaking / Listening - Discussion Preparation

This English Language quiz is called 'Discussion Preparation' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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In order for small group discussions to be effective, there are certain things students need to do to prepare for them. One way a student can prepare is by reading about the discussion topic before coming to class. They can also take notes on the topic. Then they can refer to the notes if they forget something about the topic. In this quiz, the students will read each situation and answer the question.

Ms. Reynolds tells her class that they will be in a small group discussion tomorrow. They will discuss how the characters change in the book they just finished reading. What is one thing the students can do to prepare for this small group discussion?
Reread parts of the book where the characters change
Read a summary of the book
Discuss the characters ahead of time with a friend
Find difficult vocabulary words in the book and look them up
It is always important to reread the parts that are going to be discussed
Another small discussion about the novel will be in a few days. The students will be discussing how certain words are used in chapter 5. How should the students prepare for the group discussion?
Write out the unknown words
Reread the whole book
Use the context clues to define each unknown word
Read information about the author
Using the context clues to define each unknown word will help the student know what they are talking about before the discussion
In a small discussion tomorrow, the students will be discussing new information in a small group. The new information can be found on a website and consists of several pages. What should the students do to prepare?
Write questions they might want to ask each other
Read the first page
Read the information several times
Take notes on the information
If the information is new and there are many pages of it, it is best to take notes
Since tomorrow your class will be having a small group discussion, you want to prepare for it. At the end of the discussion, the group must have the worksheet completed that was distributed at the beginning of the class period. What is the best thing you can do before tomorrow to prepare for the discussion?
Ask the teacher questions
Discuss the information with a friend
Study the material
Think about what might be on the worksheet
It would be helpful to have the information in your head before having the discussion
As Kim wakes up this morning, she realizes she did not read the information for English class. Her assignment was to read the chapter so she would be prepared for the discussion. What should she do?
Nothing, since it is too late to read the entire information assigned
Talk to the teacher and ask if she can do something else instead of participating in the discussion
Read the important parts of the information when she has time before English class
Ask a friend what the information was about
The best thing to do would be to prepare by reading as much information as possible before the class
For tomorrow's discussion, the teacher has told you that you are the leader. She has also told the class that there will be many things that have to be done during the discussion tomorrow. What should you do as the leader to prepare for this discussion?
Make a schedule of what to do
Do a few of the tasks the night before
Tell the members of the group to do a few tasks before the discussion
Tell the group members that they will not be doing any of the tasks
Coming up with a schedule to list the items that need to be done will help make sure the group gets everything done
Ms. Johnson gives her students the following question.
Why should people be honest?
The students in her class will be discussing this question in a small group. How can her students prepare for this discussion?
Read about honesty
Study the information you found on the Internet about honesty
Take notes about honesty from the Internet
If a question is something that is about your own personal beliefs, then you should prepare for it by thinking about the topic
For a group discussion tomorrow, a goal of what should be accomplished should be set. Each group may have a different goal. Who should decide on the group's goal for a discussion?
The teacher
The leader
The group
The whole class
Each group should agree and decide on their own goal
Before the small group discussion, the students need to move so that they can see each other. How should they arrange their chairs to see and hear each member of their group?
In partners
In rows
In a circle
Arranging the chairs in a circle will allow students to be able to see each member of the group
Ms. Thompson tells her class that they will have a discussion about the topic below.
Topic: What do you think is the best pet to have?
What should her students do to prepare for this discussion?
Think of an answer and reason
Read about the different kinds of pets
Take a survey of the class about the best pets
Print off information about dogs and cats
Since this is about a student's opinion, the student should think about what they think should be the best pet and the reason
Author:  Amy Flanders

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