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Boy at desk writing a story
Remember to add dialogue and description in your writing.

Grade 4 Writing - Dialogue and Description

This English Language quiz is called 'Dialogue and Description' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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Dialogue and descriptions help show the reader the events that are taking place in a story. They allow the reader to actually visualize the story. Adjectives and dialogue create a better story. These are key elements to a narrative. In this quiz, the students will decide how to best include dialogue and descriptions in a story.

What should come next?

With Beverly's smug attitude, she shot over to Thomas's desk. He had liked Beverly since they were three years old. "Candy is on sale today. Would you buy me some?" she asked.
Thomas's actual words should be written.
Thomas's actions should be written.
The author should write a summary of what Thomas would say.
The author should write what Beverly will say next.
Dialogue from Thomas would be the most natural event to happen next.
What should happen next?

In the middle of the prayer at our church service, a cell phone nearby rang. My eyes got big. I recognized that ringtone immediately. My mother's head spun in my direction.
She then looked back at the minister to listen to the rest of the prayer.
"Turn it off, now!" she whispered in a harsh tone.
I continued to let the phone ring since I knew it was nobody important on the other end.
My mother asked me to turn off the phone before it disrupted anyone else.
The most appropriate reaction would be the dialogue from the mother.
Which of the following examples contains a description?
The bright lights of the lamp shone instantly so I could read my murder mystery book.
I turned the light on quickly so I could read a book.
Pressing the light switch, the lights came on. Then I could read my book.
My book was on the table which I could read if I turned the lights on.
This sentence contains both adverbs and adjectives to describe the sentence.
Your narrative does not include enough descriptions. What should you add?
More characters.
Another setting,
More details.
More events.
More details should be included to describe events that are happening in the story.
What should happen next?

Ten- year old Sarah has a birthday in two days. Her mischief and impatience always caused Sarah to get into trouble. Her birthday was no exception. Sarah's parents were well aware of this. That is why they would hide her birthday presents in the most difficult places.
Sarah's parents hid the presents everywhere they could find.
"We hid your presents in the closet. So don't go in there," her parents told Sarah as soon as they bought them.
They tried hiding them under the kitchen sink behind the cleaning products and once even in the back of the doghouse.
No one knew where the presents were. They hid them in some great places.
This sentence describes the locations where the parents hid the presents.
What should happen next?

Quickly, Eve turned around to wave to her friend. She never saw the glass of milk on the ledge until her arm came crashing into it.
Mary waved back at her friend and then closed the door.
The glass fell to the ground as Eve continued to wave to her friend.
"Bye, Mary. See you later!" Eve called out across the room.
The glass twirled end over end in the air before crashing to the tile floor below.
This sentence gives the best description of how the glass would fall off the ledge.
How could the following sentence be rewritten to be more descriptive?
Barbara walks down the street and sees a snake.
Barbara is 9 years old. She sees a python and knows that they are dangerous.
Barbara is 9 years old and lives near the Amazon River where dangerous snakes live.
Barbara stops dead in her tracks when she spots the python out of the corner of her eye.
"What should I do if I see this python?" Barbara asks herself.
This sentence best describes the events that are taking place in the sentence.
Which of the following examples contains dialogue?
Mary wanted her sister to move quicker.
Mary yelled to her sister to hurry so that they could get going.
"Hurry, we need to get going!" Mary yelled to her sister.
Angry, Mary motioned for her sister to hurry as she yelled up the stairs.
Dialogue is the actual words spoken by a character and it uses quotation marks.
What should happen next?

Please, please let me get a good grade in math, Carolyn thought. Her teacher was slowly handing out the graded math tests that had been sitting on her desk for days. Carolyn needed at least one good grade to get her cell phone back. Ms. Pierce eyed Carolyn with a face that no one could read. Was it good? Was it bad? Ms. Pierce placed the test upside down on Carolyn's desk and looked at Carolyn.
"Good job, Carolyn. Nice improvement," Ms. Pierce said quietly.
Ms. Pierce said that I did a good job before turning away.
I knew my mom would be proud of me if I did great on this math test.
I looked at the test.
Dialogue would be expected here.
What should happen next?

After coming in twenty-five minutes late tonight for the 5th time in a row, two angry parents stared at their daughter as she was trying to sneak quietly through the front door. "You are grounded for three months!" they yelled at her.
Sarah turned around and saw her parents sitting on the sofa. She went upstairs and cried.
"What?" Sarah asked as she turned around. "Why?"
Sarah twirled around. Her blue eyes became big and her mind was racing to find an excuse.
Sarah knew she was in trouble. "Okay. Good night," she told both of them.
This reaction would be the most appropriate and descriptive.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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