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Publishing your work is great fun!

Grade 4 Writing - Production and Publishing

This English Language quiz is called 'Production and Publishing' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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Technology has assisted students with writing. The Internet and other technological tools have helped students both produce and publish their work. Students should learn to interact and collaborate with others. In addition, they will need to learn to type on a keyboard so that their writing can be completed on a computer. In this quiz, students will answer questions about producing and publishing their works.

What is the main reason for publishing your work online?
So you can save paper
So more people can read your work
Because it is easier to type your work than write it
Because you will write better essays if you publish them online
More people will get to view your work if you publish it online.
Your teacher asks you to work with a group. Each student must write his or her own essay about his or her own topic. How will the other people in your group help you with your essay?
They could write part of it for you
They could edit it
They could revise it
They could publish it for you
Students can help each other with peer editing each other's work.
Which activity below would allow students to write by interacting with other students using the Internet?
Creating a storybook to be read to a class next door
Writing an essay and posting it on the classroom wall
Writing to a pen pal in another country
Writing a poem to go into the school's yearbook
Having a pen pal would allow students to interact with other students using the Internet.
Why does any student's work need to be published?
So students know what to do with their final draft
So students will write a final draft
So people can learn about others' ideas
So students can complete the writing process
The ideas of others can sometimes be very different to our own ideas.
Why is learning to type on a computer important?
So students can type their essays in the correct format
So students will not have to learn how to spell
Because students' handwriting is so bad
Because it is more fun to type than to write
Students will need to type their essays once they get into middle school, so they should begin practicing now.
In class, your teacher has put students into partners. You get it done at home. You are required to share your work with only your partner. How should you do that?
Email your friend your essay
Put it on your class website
Read your essay over the phone
Walk it over to your friend's house
This would be the best, quickest and most reasonably way to share your essay.
You have written a short story about the students in your class. Only students in your class should see this story. Where should you publish it?
A national company's blog that publishes all students' writing
Your class website
An app for anyone who wants to publish their work
Your Facebook wall
The best place would be the class website since it can only be seen by students in your class.
Your teacher wants you to write occasionally during the summer. She says you can write whatever you want, but you must publish it online. Where should you publish it?
Class website
Google docs
Your Facebook wall
On anyone's blog
Facebook is a good place for students to publish their own work for family and friends to see.
You have written an essay about how to stop pollution. You want everyone to see it. Where should you publish it?
Google docs
An app for anyone who wants to publish their work
Your Facebook wall
Your class website
This would allow anyone to see your work
Why is it helpful to write in a group?
So you don't have as much work to do
So you can learn more about writing
So more work can get done
So the teacher can focus on a few papers instead of a classroom set
Working in groups allows students to learn new techniques from their classmates.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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