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Boy writing a research project with notebook
How many research projects have you written?

Grade 4 Writing - Research Projects

This English Language quiz is called 'Research Projects' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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Short research projects should be done in fourth grade. At this point students will be required to choose a topic, gather credible resources to use, and to take notes on the topic. Then students should write a research paper and revise it. Last, they will need to publish it. In this quiz, students will answer questions about the steps of a research project.

Why should a student research first before choosing a topic for a research project?
To start researching and taking notes
To make sure they have access to enough information about a topic
To see whether the library is open at certain times of the day
To choose a resource and pick the topic of that resource as the top of the research project
If a student does not have access to enough information on his or her topic, then this topic should not be chosen.
You need to use different types of resources for your research project. Which topic would be a good topic to research?
The childhood of Albert Einstein
How to commit a technical foul in basketball
Why dark chocolate is used to make peppermint patties
Most popular dogs to own
This would be the best topic because it is not too specific and there would be plenty of sources to use.
Why should you gather multiple resources for a research project?
Because you will get different aspects on your topic
Because it will make your research project look better
Because you will see the same information in the different sources so you will know the information is correct
Because the library has so many resources to use
Your research project should include multiple aspects on the topic.
You are conducting a research project on the topic below.
TOPIC: Pollution in my city
Which resource would be good to use?
An encyclopedia about pollution
A website about pollution around the world
A website about local pollution
An interview with your best friend about pollution
This would be a good resource to use since it applies to the topic.
How should you take notes on your topic?
Take a picture of the information from the source
On one small sheet of paper
Use note cards
Write all information from the source in paragraphs
Using note cards is a great way to write your notes because they make them easier to organize.
How should you organize your notes?
Group each set of facts by differences
Group each set of facts by similarities
Group each set of facts by resources
Write each fact as one paragraph
It is best to group the facts based on what they have in common with each other.
You have gathered the following facts about a famous person.

* Born in 1954
* Attended elementary school in a one-room schoolhouse
* Worked on the family farm from ages 5 to 12

What should this group be named?
Teenage Years
At birth
During his career
These facts are associated with the person's childhood.
How should you write each group of facts?
Each group should be one research project
Each group should be about one paragraph
Each group should be mixed with other groups of facts
Pick a card and start writing your paper
Each paragraph should be about one main idea.
In what way will other students in your class help you with your research project?
They can write part of your paper
They can organize your project
They can help you with ideas for your project
They can help you edit your paper
Revising and editing is something that students in the class should help each other with.
How should you publish your research project?
By taking a picture of your project and showing your family
By putting it on a blog
By emailing it to your family
By putting it on display in your classroom
Your classmates should have access to your work and the best way would be in the classroom.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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