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Improve your writing skills in this fun quiz.

Grade 4 Writing - Taking Notes

This English Language quiz is called 'Taking Notes' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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It is necessary for students to take notes for their essays. Sometimes, students will jot down notes that are already in their heads from prior experiences. Other times, they will need to research. However, the notes should be categorized. In this quiz, students will answer questions about taking notes.

Story - Hammurabi's Code

In 1792 BC, Hammurabi became the leader of Babylonia. As the sixth king of this dynasty, Hammurabi is known for the strict and extreme laws he implemented in the kingdom he reigned over. These codes were very specific and he executed extreme punishments to his citizens. Since he ruled for 42 years, many citizens spent the better part of their lives living in fear of Hammurabi’s Code.

Hammurabi’s Code was a set of many laws that specifically stated what the citizens were allowed to do and what punishment would be forced upon them if they broke a law. About 50% of the laws pertained to financial transactions. For instance, a law might state the amount of money a citizen would have to pay for a service. Never did the citizens or sellers ever have to negotiate during a transaction. It was already set in stone.

Some of these codes included cutting off arms or legs if someone injured someone else. If a house builder built a structure that ended up falling in, then the builder could be put to death. In most cases, the laws followed the thought of “an eye for an eye.” However, sometimes, the incidents were not intentional. They were merely accidents, but it didn’t matter. Laws were still strictly enforced.
Read the story - Hammurabi's Code.
How should the following notes be categorized?

* Cutting off arms or legs
* Put to death
* An eye for an eye
Consequences of breaking the laws
Types of laws
Places where people lived in Babylonia
Hammurabi's explanations for laws
These notes should be categorized with what they have in common. These are the punishments for the broken laws.
Which topic below requires the student to recall information from experiences?
Write about the best-paying job in the world
Write about who you think is the best historical leader
Write about a time when you were angry
Write about how cell phones work
The only topic that could come from your experiences would be a topic that you do not need to research.
Which source below is best to use for the topic?
TOPIC: How does an airplane work?
A diary from a girl who flew to see her grandparents
An encyclopedia about the history of airplanes
An interview with a pilot
A website about airplanes with an unknown author
An interview would be a primary source which would be the best source.
Read the story - Hammurabi's Code.
How should the following notes be categorized?

* 1792 - 1750 BC
* Leader of Babylonia
* 6th king of the dynasty
Citizens' thoughts about Hammurabi's leadership style
How Hammurabi's Code began
Leader information about Hammurabi
Geography of Babylonia
This information is about Hammurabi's leadership.
Your teacher requires that you provide a source list. How should your list of sources be arranged?
By their importance
In any order
In the order in which you used them in your essay
Alphabetically by the author's last name
Most of the sources should be listed first by their last name and then arranged in alphabetical order.
Which source below is best to use for the topic?
TOPIC: Which beverage is worse for you: coke or tea?
A survey asking which drink each classmate prefers
A report from a scientist about how coke and tea affects a person's health
A website about the history of coke and tea
A brochure about the ingredients of coke and tea
This source would provide the best information about the topic.
Read the story - Hammurabi's Code.
Which note would NOT be helpful because it is not a main idea in the story?
* Led from 1792 - 1750 BC
* Codes - very strict and harsh punishments
* 6th king of the Babylonia Dynasty
* Babylonia was part of Mesopotamia
This is not part of the source.
Your teacher asks you to write an essay without using any resources. It also must be done within the class period. What is the teacher most likely expecting you to write about?
Your experiences
Facts about a social studies topic
Any topic where you gather facts from sources
An essay where you need evidence
Sometimes, your teacher may ask you to write about things you already know from your past.
Which topic below would you need to gather facts about?
World Deserts
Your favorite cake
A time when you were brave
You favorite color
This topic would require the student to do some research.
Read the story - Hammurabi's Code.
Which note would NOT be helpful because it is not a main idea in the story?
* 50% of laws were about buying and selling
* Example of a law - how much to pay for a service
* Wooden houses were built in Babylonia
* Did not have to discuss how much to pay for an item
This note would not help with an essay.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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