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Pinkerton detectives dealt with dangerous criminals.

Grade 5 Reading Foundation - Purpose and Understanding

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When reading a text, students should be reading for purpose and understanding. Comprehending the information read is important. However, students should also read with a purpose in mind. Why did the author write this text? In this quiz, students will read a text and answer questions about purpose and understanding.

Story - Pinkerton Agency

A gunslinger in the Wild West is hiding out in an old barn on the outskirts of town. He is wanted by the local police from a town miles away. He is running away from the local law. However, a Pinkerton detective is fast on his heels. He knows through using his early criminal database that he can find the wanted man.

Working with the local sheriff, Pinkerton detectives traveled across the country during the 1800s to find criminals who were escaping the law. Many of these criminals had committed crimes including murder, stagecoach robberies, train robberies and kidnapping.

The Pinkerton Agency was the first detective agency in the United States. With very few laws that were also difficult to enforce, Pinkerton detectives scoured the area to find criminals. They had to be brave because they encountered criminals who were willing to kill them in order to get away. The detectives enlisted the help of the local community. They would post wanted posters in high traffic areas of towns. Rewards were commonly given to townspeople who helped the detectives locate criminals.
Read the story - Pinkerton Agency.
What is the purpose of the entire story?
To entertain the reader with a story about a gunslinger
To inform the reader about the Pinkerton Agency
To explain to the reader certain detective terms
To persuade the reader to become a detective
This article informs the reader with many facts
Read the story - Pinkerton Agency.
What is the purpose of the first paragraph?
To persuade the reader to become a gunslinger
To inform the reader about gunslingers
To entertain the reader with a story about a gunslinger
To explain what a gunslinger is
This short story would entertain the reader
Read the story - Pinkerton Agency.
Why would the author include the first paragraph?
To present facts
To provide a conclusion
To support a point the author is trying to make
To get the attention of the reader
This short story would draw in the reader
Read the story - Pinkerton Agency.
Why would Pinkerton detectives work with the local law enforcement?
Because the local police were more knowledgeable and had more experience than the detectives
Because Pinkerton detectives believed that the local police were involved in the crime
Because Pinkerton detectives wanted to discuss the case with other people
Because the local police would know the area and its citizens
Local police would provide help to the detectives since they would know where criminals might be hiding
Read the story - Pinkerton Agency.
What is significant about the Pinkerton Agency?
They chased gunslingers
They posted wanted posters
They were the first detective agency
They were considered to be very smart detectives
Even though all of these facts are true, this detective agency is important because it was the first one created
Read the story - Pinkerton Agency.
How was the Pinkerton Agency technologically smart?
They used wanted posters
They had night vision
They had phones
They used a database
The Pinkerton Agency kept information about each criminal in a database
Read the story - Pinkerton Agency.
What type of crimes did the Pinkerton detectives usually pursue?
Violent crimes
Minor crimes
Technological crimes
Local crimes
Pinkerton detectives were involved in violent crimes like murder and kidnapping
Read the story - Pinkerton Agency.
Based on the type of crimes, what was the motive or reason for most criminals committing their crimes?
Because they were angry
To get money
To see if they could steal something
To become famous
Robberies and kidnappings were usually committed to get money
Read the story - Pinkerton Agency.
What risks did the Pinkerton detectives face?
Difficulty finding jobs in the detective agency
Low pay
Getting killed by criminals
Not having enough work
Pinkerton detectives had to risk their lives for the job
Read the story - Pinkerton Agency.
Why were wanted posters posted?
To show that the detectives were doing their job
So citizens could see a picture of a criminal to determine if they had seen them in the area
To learn to stay away from these criminals
To see what crimes had been committed recently
Even though the detectives did not want citizens to get injured, the main reason for posting the wanted posters around a town was for a citizen to provide the detectives with a tip on the criminal's whereabouts
Author:  Amy Flanders

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