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Grade 5 Reading Information - Comprehension 2

This English Language quiz is called 'Comprehension 2' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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Continuing to practice reading skills will benefit any student. Even during the summers, students should continue to read. Reading for pleasure may entice students to continue reading. Students can research on the internet about topics that they might enjoy learning about. In this quiz, students will read and answer questions about a text.

Story - Volunteering

As a young person, it is important to learn how to help others. Volunteering time to assist people instills values in young people in addition to helping the community. One way a young adult can volunteer is through organizations that have been established. There are charities that assist the poor by providing meals for them. Shelters need people to cook meals for the homeless. Another way includes providing warm clothing to those who need it. Besides looking in their own closets for blankets, coats, gloves and hats, young adults could ask their friends and others to donate to this cause.

Animals also need help and young adults can volunteer at a local shelter that houses animals. Usually, the tasks include cleaning up after the animals and walking them, so young adults need to feel comfortable doing this. If transportation is an issue, neighbors can always provide assistance for other neighbors. Walking the dog of a neighbor who may be sick or elderly is a good way to volunteer.

If there is a cause or charity that is important to a young adult, but there are no volunteer opportunities available, things still can be done to help. Charities and causes always accept monetary donations. Even though young adults are usually not wealthy, they can fundraise. They can set up a page on a fundraising site. Another idea is to sell crafts or food items on a warm summer day to make money for the charity. When people are out at garage sales on a Saturday morning, young adults can sell items as well to raise money for their charity.
Read the story - Volunteering above.
Why would a young adult volunteer his or her time?
Because it inspires people to think about others.
Because a charity would provide a young adult with something to do in his or her spare time.
Because it will give the young adult experience in working.
Because it would make the young adult's parents proud.
By doing volunteer work, values will be instilled in young adults.
Read the story - Volunteering above.
How does a young adult's volunteer work help the community?
Social skills will be strengthened in young adults.
It allows young adults to learn how to make money.
Volunteering at a charity helps other people.
Young adults will be able to participate in a club that requires community service.
Young adults can help charities.
Read the story - Volunteering above.
Bill is a young adult who does not have any money, but he wants to help his community. What can Bill do?
Get a job and donate his paychecks.
Take money from his mom's purse.
Volunteer his time.
Buy a lottery ticket.
Young adults can volunteer their time.
Read the story - Volunteering above.
Tiffany loves the American Red Cross. She wants to volunteer, but her mother can't drive her to the headquarters. How can Tiffany volunteer?
She can't volunteer in any way.
She can donate money.
She can talk to her friends.
She can go to another organization.
If a charity is important to someone, they can always give money.
Read the story - Volunteering above.
Kevin loves animals and wants to volunteer his time with them. What would be a good volunteer job for Kevin?
Work for free at an animal shelter.
Buy a dog from the pet store.
Get a job at a pet store.
Go to the zoo and see the animals.
Kevin can always work at an animal shelter doing different activities.
Read the story - Volunteering above.
Sally sees homeless people on the sidewalk near her community. She feels sorry for them and wants to do something. What should Sally do?
Give the homeless people money.
Provide blankets and coats to the homeless people.
Open a soup kitchen to feed the homeless.
Go to an animal shelter.
The best thing Sally could do is to provide blankets and coats for the homeless people especially during the wintertime.
Read the story - Volunteering above.
Sarah lives in an older neighborhood and wants to do something to help people. Which choice would both benefit Sarah and her neighborhood?
Walk her elderly neighbor's dog.
Go to another city to volunteer.
Cook dinner for her family.
Babysit her little brother and sister.
Sarah's best opportunity is to walk her neighbor's dog if she wants to help her neighbors.
Read the story - Volunteering above.
Tina wants to help the local homeless shelter, but she doesn't have money to donate to them. What can Tina do?
Ask her mother for money.
Take money from her friends.
Mail toys to the shelter.
Today, there are all sorts of helpful sites for fundraising.
Read the story - Volunteering above.
During the community yard sale, Jane wants to do something to help out a local nonprofit organization. What can Jane do during this yard sale?
Give the yard sale items to the organization.
Tell everyone in the community to donate their money to this organization.
Sell lemonade to make money for the organization.
Promise the organization she will do something soon in the future.
Selling lemonade or other things for a charity is always a good idea during a community yard sale.
Read the story - Volunteering above.
What kind of organization should a young adult volunteer for?
Any of the organizations.
Only online organizations.
Established organizations.
Organizations that they really don't care about.
If you are donating money, you want to make sure that the organization is going to use your money for those that need help.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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