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Walking dogs is a common job for young teenagers.

Grade 5 Reading Information - Main Ideas

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Students should determine the main idea of a text in order to see its "big picture." From that point, the student can figure out which details support the main ideas. Knowing the support allows the reader to be convinced of the information that is being presented. In this quiz, students will determine the main ideas of a text as well as identify the supporting key details. In addition, students will answer questions about summarizing the text.

Story - Common Jobs for Young Teenagers

Even if a young adult is not sixteen years old, there are jobs that they can do to learn the value of a dollar. Besides allowance, young teens today have a variety of options to choose from if they want to make some money. No matter which job they choose, teens would still have to learn to be punctual, work hard and consistently maintain a positive attitude.

Babysitting and lawn care are the two most popular jobs for young adults and they are probably the two jobs that come to mind. On the same note, tutoring may be more suited for some young adults. Even though these young adults are still in middle or early high school, they may be helpful because they have an advantage over an adult tutor. For instance, they may know more about how the younger student’s teacher teaches if both tutor and student attend the same school. Another service to offer is cleaning whether it be outside or inside neighbors’ houses. Cleaning yards or bathrooms and vacuuming may help busy families. They would also want trusted neighbors more than hiring someone they don’t know. Finally, dog sitting is a job that is somewhat seasonal, but can still bring in some money. Some clients may prefer someone to spend the night at the house during a vacation whereas others might want their dog walked a few times a day. Taking on multiple clients may be possible if scheduling is done correctly.  
Read the story - Common Jobs for Young Teenagers
What is one of the main ideas in the first paragraph?
There are common jobs for young teenagers.
Sixteen years is not the minimum age requirement for all jobs.
Most people help their neighbors in order to make money.
Child care is the most popular job for a teenager.
This explains that age does not dictate employment.
Read the story - Common Jobs for Young Teenagers
What is another main idea in the first paragraph?
Even five-year olds can make money if they wanted to.
Not all jobs are the same.
All jobs require the same behaviors and work ethic.
There is really only one job for girls and one job for boys if they are under 16 years old.
This main idea is revealed in the first paragraph.
Read the story - Common Jobs for Young Teenagers
What key detail is explained in the first paragraph to support the main idea in question 2?
There is a variety of jobs young adults can do.
Choosing a suitable job is just as important as doing the job itself.
Young adults make money through their allowance.
The examples of being punctual and working hard are explained.
No matter which job is suitable, the teen must be punctual, work hard and have a good attitude.
Read the story - Common Jobs for Young Teenagers
What is one of the main ideas in the second paragraph of the story?
Lawn care is a grueling job in which the teenager has to endure harsh temperatures in the summer.
Adults are usually hired more than teenagers for most jobs.
Sometimes a teenager is better suited for the job than an adult.
Babysitting is the best job for a young teenager.
One main idea shows that a teenager may be a better fit for a job than an adult.
Read the story - Common Jobs for Young Teenagers
What detail in the text supports the main idea in question 4?
Young teenagers may know the teacher's methods better for tutoring if they attend the same school as their student.
Young teenagers have a distinct advantage over an adult tutor.
Babysitting may assist in a teenager learning how to tutor.
Young adults are usually in middle or high school.
Having knowledge of the teacher's ways of teaching will help the tutor assist the student.
Read the story - Common Jobs for Young Teenagers
What is another main idea in the second paragraph?
Trust is an important issue when employing people to work inside your home.
Parents are often busy with their full time careers and large families.
Neighbors should hire the young teens that live in the neighborhood in order to show the teens the value of a dollar.
Young teens should love dogs or children in order to be able to work a job.
This main idea is shown through examples in the second paragraph.
Read the story - Common Jobs for Young Teenagers
What key detail supports the main idea in question 6?
It is best for the teen to find a job that is close to their house.
Cleaning inside a house would expose the teens to come in contact with the neighbor's valuables.
Working jobs inside of a neighbor's home would be helpful if the neighbor knows their employee.
Teens will have to give up some social activities in order to do a job correctly.
Neighbors prefer to trust their employees especially if they are working inside the home.
Read the story - Common Jobs for Young Teenagers
What is another main idea in the second paragraph?
A teen would need to perform their duty on the job to the best of their ability.
Sometimes, a teen can make money by working for several clients at the same time.
Everyone has different skills, so a teen can't perform every job available.
Teachers can help their students find jobs that are close to the school.
If the teen makes this possible, he or she can make quite a bit of money.
Read the story - Common Jobs for Young Teenagers
Which job is given as an example to the main idea in question 8?
Lawn care
Dog sitter
House cleaner
Dog sitters can usually juggle multiple clients during the peak season.
Read the story - Common Jobs for Young Teenagers
Which of the following is a good summary of the text?
One of the jobs that is considered to be seasonal employment during the vacation periods of the year is dog sitting. Dog sitters can usually handle more than one client, but they still must work hard and show up on time because people treat their dogs as family members.
The most successful job opportunity for a young teenager is to be a tutor. Tutoring services allow older students to help younger students who live in their neighborhood with their homework. Helping a younger child will provide benefits to both the younger student and it will allow the older student to feel helpful.
Babysitting and lawn care are two jobs that dominate teens' job opportunities. There are a few other options that young teens can do, but they must always show up to their job on time and put in the correct amount of hours that the job requires. Likewise, they should be pleasant to work with.
Young teens who are younger than 16 years old can still make money through work. Many of the jobs include working for their neighbors because it is in walking distance for the teen, but it is also helpful for the neighbors to employ a trusting individual. Other job opportunities allow young teens to work at certain times of the year.
This summary identifies the key points in the text.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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