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Girl raking up fall leaves
Read the story about Sylvia before answering the questions.

Grade 5 Reading Literature - Compare and Contrast

This English Language quiz is called 'Compare and Contrast' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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When reading literature, students should analyze the characters, setting or events to see how they change and relate to one another. These can be found in stories or dramas. It is important to know how the characters interact and how they have an impact on the setting and events. In this quiz, students will answer questions about the characters, events and setting from a text.

Story - Sylvia

Following her last bad grade, Sylvia was grounded for a whole week from any socializing whatsoever so that her grades would improve. Sylvia sulked as she raked the leaves into piles in her front yard. On day 4 of her punishment, Sylvia was actually happy to do the manual labor. She liked this mainly because she had a chance of speaking to one of her friends who lived on the street. Sylvia would not be so lucky. In a matter of minutes, Tiffany bounced out of the front door with her typical bubbly attitude.

“Good afternoon, Sylvia. It looks like you are raking the yard,” Tiffany stated the obvious. “Maybe it will look as good as our yard.” Tiffany and her family always kept their immaculately-manicured lawn leaf-free. Sylvia peeked at her yard even though she knew it would look pristine.

“Hi, Tiffany. How are you?” Sylvia asked glumly, hoping Tiffany would go back inside. She hated how Tiffany bragged about how nice her house was and how she always got to wear brand new clothes. Really, Sylvia wanted to go hide in the pile of leaves to get away from Tiffany.

In the silence, Sylvia said, “Tiffany, I think I hear your mom calling you.”

“Oh don’t be silly, my mom is at the store,” Tiffany corrected her.

“Well, maybe it was your dad,” Sylvia said, crossing her fingers. Tiffany took the hint and gave Sylvia a face as she turned quickly around. Unfortunately, she turned on a wet leaf that was on the ground which resulted in Tiffany’s foot slipping out from under her.

“Aahhh!” Tiffany screamed as she plopped down in a pile of leaves. Embarrassed, Tiffany didn’t even look back. She quickly walked back to her home with Sylvia snickering.

How does Sylvia's attitude differ from Tiffany's?
Sylvia's attitude is bubbly
Sylvia's attitude is frustration
Sylvia's attitude is anger
Sylvia's attitude is ignoring others
Sylvia does not like Tiffany, so she is frustrated and it shows
How should the conversation between Tiffany and Sylvia be described?
Tiffany is annoying Sylvia
What event changed Sylvia's demeanor at the beginning of the story?
When Sylvia had to start raking leaves
When Tiffany came over to talk to Sylvia
When Sylvia realized she was grounded
When Sylvia said good afternoon
When Tiffany comes over to Sylvia, Sylvia gets annoyed
What do both characters probably have in common?
Their age
Their love for fashion
Their attitude
Their way of speaking to others
They are probably the same age
How do the two events below relate to the story?
Tiffany slips on a leaf.
Sylvia has to rake leaves in her yard.
They both elicit the same response from both characters
They both affect only Tiffany
They both affect only Sylvia
They both cause a reaction from the main characters
Even though they both respond differently, both characters react to the misfortune of each other
What event caused Sylvia's attitude to change near the end of the story?
When Tiffany turned around to go back inside
When Tiffany told Sylvia that her mother was at the store
When Sylvia told Tiffany her mother was calling her
When Tiffany fell
Instead of being annoyed, Sylvia laughed when Tiffany fell
Which character(s) would most likely have a new purse bought for them?
Both Tiffany and Sylvia
Neither Tiffany nor Sylvia
Since Tiffany is being portrayed as spoiled, she would most likely receive a new purse
Where does the story take place?
In Sylvia's front yard
In Sylvia's back yard
On the front stoop
In Tiffany's yard
Since Sylvia is raking leaves, it is happening in her front yard
When did this story most likely take place?
At night
In the morning
in the middle of the day on Wednesday
In 1905
This most likely happened in the morning on Saturday
How should the relationship between these children be described?
Neighbors and best friends
Neighbors only
Best friends only
They are not related and they definitely don't seem to be friends
Author:  Amy Flanders

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