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Grade 5 Speaking / Listening - Preparation
How many leaders of the Civil War can you think of?

Grade 5 Speaking / Listening - Preparation

This English Language quiz is called 'Preparation' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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During classroom discussions, students should come prepared. This may include reading material, studying or merely thinking about a topic. Sometimes, it may be necessary for students to write down or prepare for the discussion. Even if a discussion is about topics that require no research, students should still think ahead of time about the topics. In this quiz, the students will answer questions about being in a classroom or group discussion.

Tomorrow, you will be discussing the structure of the cell with the students sitting around you.
The teacher tells the class to be prepared to discuss the topic. What is the best way to prepare for this discussion?
Read an article on a website about the topic.
Watch a show on television about the topic.
Discuss the topic ahead of time with your friend.
Reread the chapters and notes from several days before.
This is the best option since the material covered in class will most likely relate to the discussion.
For tomorrow, your teacher says that the class will be divided into groups. Each group will discuss the leaders of the Civil War.
You left your textbook at school. How else can you prepare for this discussion?
Research the leaders on the Internet.
Ask your parents.
Think back to what you already learned.
Wait until you get to school.
Even if you forgot your textbook or notes, you can still prepare by looking on the Internet. This would be the second best thing you could do besides rereading your notes or textbook.
For which topic below would you need to study the material for a discussion instead of reading the material?
Writing a short story together as a group.
Discussing a story that was read yesterday.
Working word math problems using formulas.
Reading a logic problem and working it out.
The students would need to memorize the formulas before class.
Stephanie knows a lot about the topic that will be discussed tomorrow in class.
What should she do to prepare for the discussion?
Nothing because she is probably prepared for it.
Answer questions from the textbook.
Quiz her friends about the topic.
Read the material.
Even if Stephanie knows a lot of information about the topic, she will still need to prepare for it.
When should students write down notes about the topic for a discussion?
For topics that are unfamiliar to the students.
For all discussions.
When the teacher requires it.
When the students feel like they should.
Being able to explicitly draw upon information for a discussion is always helpful.
In your English class, your teacher wants each group to write a short story. However, tomorrow the teacher just wants the groups to discuss what will be in the story.
How can the students prepare for this discussion?
Write the beginning of the story.
Rewrite their notes.
Jot down ideas for the story.
Talk to a classmate.
The best way is to jot down some ideas so you can contribute.
Since your English class will be reading a story tomorrow about a sore loser, your teacher said you will discuss as a class about being a sore loser.
What can you do to prepare for it?
Research on the Internet.
Brainstorm about it.
Look at your notes.
Read the textbook.
Since this is a topic that is about your opinions and thoughts, you should brainstorm about it.
Kelly wants to do a good job in her class tomorrow at the class discussion.
What should she do right before the class discussion?
Read the chapter.
Read the notes she took.
Talk to her friends.
Wait for the class to start.
It may be helpful for Kelly to look back at the notes she took to refresh her memory.
You are preparing for a discussion tomorrow. Your topic is ways people currently help the environment.
You have just written down some good examples. What should you do next?
Find a picture of people helping the environment.
Think of a few more good examples.
Write down facts about the results of endangered animals.
Write down some poor examples that people do to help the environment.
Poor examples will help in a discussion just as much as listing good examples.
During a discussion tomorrow, you realize that you really don't understand some of the information in the chapter.
What should you write down?
Your own ideas about the topic.
The title of each heading in the chapter.
Important facts.
Words and phrases that you do not know and their meanings.
This will help you remember what these unknown terms mean.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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