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Grade 5 Speaking / Listening - Rules
Rules are important in any group discussion.

Grade 5 Speaking / Listening - Rules

This English Language quiz is called 'Rules' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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During a discussion, students will need to follow rules. This will ensure that the discussion is effective and completed in a timely manner. Students should agree on the rules that they will be following during the discussion. During the discussion, they will carry out and enforce these rules. In this quiz, the students will answer questions about the rules in a discussion.

Which of the following is a standard rule for discussions?
Ask questions while someone else is speaking if you don't understand their point of view
Speak when you feel like it
Actively listen to all points of view
Discuss important points with your neighbor
All students in the group should be listening actively
What is the ultimate goal with group discussions?
To be able to listen to others
To learn from different points of view
To speak about what you think is important
To take a break from writing
Small group discussions are conducted so you will learn different viewpoints and ideas
One of the rules for your group was for everyone to come prepared.
Tara is in your group and she states that she did not prepare for this discussion.
What should happen to Tara?
She should spend the group discussion time reading and taking notes
She should be excluded from the group
She should be given the opportunity to express her viewpoint
She should be punished by her group for not preparing
Tara should still be allowed to participate
The topic for a small group discussion is about a story that the class just read.
One girl speaks, "The main character didn't seem like a nice person."
A boy responds, "Why should you say such a mean thing like that?"
Other students respond to the girl in a similar fashion.
What is wrong with the responses to the girl?
The girl's idea was rudely stated
Too many students were speaking at once
The responses were about the individual and not the topic
The responses were not specific enough and difficult to understand
Students should always stay on topic and not discuss the individual
As you are sitting in a small group discussion, you do not agree with what your friend said.
What should happen?
You should remain quiet
You should explain why you disagree
You should get another student to disagree first
You should state how stupid the student's idea was
It is okay to disagree, but it should be done by the person who disagrees and in a polite way
During a classroom discussion, the topic is about stranger danger.
Paula raises her hand and says quickly, "Boys will speak to strangers more than girls."
Some students don't agree because there is no evidence of that.
What mistake did Paula make?
She didn't think before she spoke
She didn't listen actively
She was being rude
She didn't elaborate on her thoughts
Paula should have thought first before speaking
Martha is in a group discussion with you. She has not spoken yet.
How should you bring Martha into the discussion?
Stare at her
Poke her in the ribs
Ask her a question
Ignore her
Asking her opinion about something might bring her into the discussion
While thinking about what you are going to say in a small group discussion, you want to provide evidence to support what you are saying.
What should you do to provide evidence?
Consult your notes
Reread the textbook
Ask your neighbor
Do not provide evidence
You can provide evidence by finding the evidence in your notes
Can a student change his or her opinion or thoughts during the class discussion?
No, once the student states her or his opinion, he or she can't change their minds
No, there is not enough time to change their mind
Yes, only if they apologize first
Yes, it is perfectly fine to change your mind
Since the students are listening to each other, it is understandable that a person's perspective may change
If you want to provide evidence for something that was said during a group discussion by sharing a lengthy story about yourself, how should you go about doing that?
Just tell the whole story
First explain that this will be a long story and then tell it
Tell a shortened version of the story
Don't tell the story because it will take up too much time
Due to time constraints, it is important to speak for a short amount of time
Author:  Amy Flanders

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