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Grade 5 Writing - Concluding Explanation

This English Language quiz is called 'Concluding Explanation' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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An informative or explanatory essay should include a concluding section. This should be located at the end of the essay and will wrap it up. Also, each paragraph within the essay should include a concluding sentence. In this quiz, the students will answer questions about concluding paragraphs and statements.

You are about to write a concluding paragraph for your informative essay.
What should you be looking for in the rest of the essay to include in the conclusion?
Common themes.
Direct quotes to use.
Minor points.
New information.
It would be helpful to look back through the essay for commonalities in the paragraphs before writing the concluding paragraph.
Why is the concluding paragraph usually very small compared to the body paragraphs in the essay?
Because the concluding paragraph is not important.
Because students get tired of writing so it is better to make the concluding paragraph short.
Because the concluding paragraph includes summaries and few words.
Because only short words are used in the concluding paragraph.
It is expected to write a concluding paragraph using as few words as possible.
Which of the following should be included in the concluding sentence of a body paragraph?
New evidence.
A link to the next paragraph.
Repetitive language.
A call to action for the reader to do something.
So it doesn't sound choppy, there should be a connection between this paragraph and the next one.
How should the concluding paragraph end?
With the words "The End".
By restating the thesis statement.
With a direct quotation from a famous person.
By appealing to the reader's emotions.
You want the reader to remember the essay, so appealing to their emotions will help.
How should the concluding paragraph begin?
With a new fact.
With a transition word.
With a direct quote.
With a call to action for the reader to do something.
It is always beneficial to start the concluding paragraph with a transitional word or phrase that is not overused.
What is probably the most important thing to include in the concluding paragraph of an informative essay?
Direct quotes.
Fluffy language.
Restate the minor points.
Restate the main ideas.
The concluding paragraph always includes a restating of the main points from the essay's paragraphs.
In a body paragraph, how should the concluding sentence be written?
By restating the main idea sentence in different words.
By restating the main idea sentence using almost the same words.
By writing a sentence including new evidence.
By writing a direct quote from an expert.
The main idea sentence should be restated in different words - you don't want it to use exactly the same wording.
The following sentence is included in the concluding paragraph.
Therefore, I think that Benjamin Franklin invented many things.
What is wrong with this sentence?
It does not sound strong.
It probably doesn't reword the main points or thesis statement.
It contains too many fluffy words.
It does not sound true.
Students should avoid using "I think" because it makes the essay sound weak.
Which of the following would be a good transition word to use at the beginning of the concluding sentence?
In contrast
Therefore is a good transition word because it is showing emphasis.
Your thesis statement is below.
Thesis Statement: Water and tea are probably the oldest known beverages in the world.
You use the following sentence in the concluding paragraph.
Tea and water are the oldest beverages in the world.
Why is it wrong to include this sentence in the concluding paragraph?
Too many of the same words from the thesis statement are used in this sentence.
Information from the thesis statement should not be included in the concluding paragraph.
This sentence does not include the major points.
The sentence contains too much fluffy language.
You will want to completely reword the thesis statement.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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