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Drawing of two people brainstorming
The main reason for planning for a writing assignment is to brainstorm.

Grade 5 Writing - Planning and Revising

This English Language quiz is called 'Planning and Revising' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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Writing should always be proofread for errors. Sometimes, a writing piece may need to be written and rewritten because of them. Don't worry if this happens to you - rewriting strengthens the piece. There are a few components to the writing process besides writing itself: planning, revising, editing, rewriting and trying a new approach. In this quiz, the students will answer questions about the writing process.

Your teacher hands you a plot map during the planning stage of the writing process.
What type of writing will you most likely be doing with a plot map?
A short story.
A poem.
A drama.
An informative essay.
A plot map would shows the steps for the plot of a story.
Which of the following is a tool to use during the planning part of the writing process?
Computer paper.
Lined paper.
An outline.
An outline would help a student brainstorm their ideas.
You are adding a few new thoughts to your persuasive essay.
What stage of the writing process are you in?
You would most likely be adding new thoughts during the revising stage.
At what point would you need to try a new approach for a writing assignment?
Before the teacher discusses the assignment.
After receiving feedback while working on the rough draft.
After writing the final draft.
During the publishing stage.
There are times when trying a new approach would be helpful - but probably not after completing the assignment!
Which of the following is true about the editing stage of the writing process?
Overall, the story will remain the same.
Every word will be the same.
Only punctuation will be considered during this stage.
This is when the student should try a new approach.
The content will remain the same during this stage.
While in the editing stage, what will you most likely be doing?
Adding new thoughts.
Checking for spelling errors.
Changing a poorly worded paragraph.
Adding stronger verbs to the writing.
During the editing stage, you may also be looking for subject/verb agreement in the sentences.
What should be occurring right before the rewriting stage?
Publishing your work.
Proofreading your writing for the first time.
Revising the writing for the first time.
Making sure the writing is error-free.
The writing assignment should be completely error-free before rewriting it.
What is the point of planning for a writing assignment?
To brainstorm.
To decide what genre you will be writing in.
To write down your entire writing piece.
To write down notes in case your forget what you are writing about.
The main reason for planning a writing assignment is to brainstorm.
Your teacher gives you the writing assignment below.
Writing assignment: Explain the similarities and differences between a battle and a war.
You start writing the first body paragraph.
You don't want to write one big paragraph of similarities and one of differences.
What would be the best alternative approach to this writing?
Write the similarities and differences between countries that are at war and those that are at peace.
Choose one battle and war from history and concentrate on the details of that specific battle and war.
Mix up the similarities and differences in the body paragraphs, but each will be about one category of information.
Write two paragraphs for the similarities and two paragraphs for the differences instead of one paragraph for each.
This will make the essay better organized.
Why should rough drafts be rewritten into a final draft?
So a perfect copy of the writing will be published or turned in.
So the writing assignment looks attractive.
So there are no red marks or side marks on the writing.
To have more than one copy of the writing.
Whether the final copy will be turned in to the teacher or published online, it should be error-free.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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